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Man this last week has been intense.
However I have managed to stay on track somewhat even though a lot of reference points are crumbling.

I've been reading a lot of psychology and have stumbled over several tools that have helped me
overcome the issues that have plagued me.
THe issue has to do with projecting into the future and not taking action
bacause I belive I know how things will end up.

That is of course a rather silly notion and it also robs me of  much needed experience.
If I just did it I would have had the interaction and would have known for sure how it turned out.

So back to the tools.
I've found some Jungian and Freudian tools to deal with this.
Yesterday I applied them and successfully approached a girl I liked for conversation.
It turned out rather well and since I know I will meet her again I've made sure that
I will have many more time talking to this hottie.

Cause that is what I need, more time spent interacting with hotties.

Today I got myself to talk to another hottie that I was pretty sure would not manifet into anything
concrete in the future, but I applied the tools and interacted with her anyway.
It turned out that it was worse than I thought in terms of chances, since she is leaving tomorrow
to Boliva.
But hey I racked up hottie time!

I like that term "hottie time".

I will make it my new goal to try to maximize my hottie time.
To not give any regard to how well the situation looks in a future perspective,
but just engage and take it for what it is. HOTTIE TIME!

If I spend more time around hot girls then good things will manifest by themself.
Since my problem has mostly been one of negative future projection more then anything.

Have a good evening! =D
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