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So I just answered alex questions and I post them here too so I can document my journey.

1. If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do with it?
Read books.

2. Why that?
I don't understand this world as well as i wished, and those books help me understand it a whole lot better.

3. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
Chicken and rice with cachewnuts and spicy sauce, a glass of wine, and banana split to dessert.

4. Why that?
I love chicken, I love rice, I love cachewnuts, together they are greater and spicy sauce brings out the best in them.
Banana split brings forth happy memories from childhood. And I would really need those to face an execution.

5. If you could invite 4 people to dinner who would they be?
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and George W Bush.

6. Why them?
Cause I would like to hear their side of the story.

7. If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be?
Taiwan with a stop in Beijing on the way!

8. Why that place?
Marial Art center of the world baby! Plus I get to walk on the great wall of china.

9. What is your dream job?
What I'm starting to do teach computers.

10. Why?
Cause I find it fun and interesting. Both the computing part and what makes people learn.

11. What is you most important personal boundary that MUST NOT BE CROSSED?
Being gay!

12. Why?
Cause being gay means getting fucked in the ass by other men. A proposition I find highly disturbing.

13. Who inspired/s you?
You Alex, Bruce Lee, Antony Robbins, my grandfathers, my father, David D, Tyler, A former friend of my and lots of others.

14. How did they inspire you?
They each conveyed ideas that made sence and was useful to me in a real way.

15. How would you like to influence the world?
I'd like to be part of raising humanity up to a new level. And since I've got all this mad skill with computers
I see myself as one who will find a way to transform the way most people use computers in a positive an meaningful way.

16. Why that mode, and why that level of influence?
That mode because computers was meant to make our lives simpler, but instead I see alot of people swamped in complexity.
That level of influence because I have used computers since I was 2 yers old and I know the game and because with my newfouded
computer company I now have a means for driving that transformation.

17. If you were only allowed to own one CD which would it be?
An mp3 cd with all my favoritte songs.

18. Why?
Because I like them!!!

19. What makes you the most emotionally upset?
When I fail to follow through on my plans, and when people I trust stabs me in the back.

20. Why?
Me backing down from my plan is admitting defeat.
Having giving someone trust only to get betrayed, hurts on so many levels.
It shows a lack of jugment in myself (should have seen it coming).
It means that I must reevaluate a valued relationship.
It clearly shows that the individual does not respect me.
The stab in the back is very real. You lose something of value.
You are unable to do something about it since not only was your guard down, but you are stunned too.

21. If you could fight anyone who would it be?
Myself, wonder who would win then...

22. Why them?
Cause I know my skills enough to know reasonably well too know who would kick my ass and who's ass I'd kick.
However I'd love to see myself trying to kick my own ass.

23. Which charity are you most interested in supporting?
Electonic frontier foundation.

24. Why?
Cause if big brother wins we can kiss goodbye to everything.
Big brother is our human tendency to try to enforce rigours rules on others trough electronic means.

25. If you could be famous or infamous for anything what reason would it be?
I'd rather be unknown, I don't need millions knowing about me.

26. Why?
I belive fame or infame on that level would be a bigger burden than the rewards could possible justify.

27. What are two of your idiosyncrasies?
Knowing something about everything and alot about some specific things.
(Making alot of people belive that I know just about everything. Including myself sometimes.)
This boils down to trying to learn everything.

Medium Computer/Internet addiction.

28. What are two idiosyncrasies of other people that piss you off?
Being late always and defining yourself through TV.

29. How to love to relax?
Finding your center and staying in it in all situations.

30. Why?
Cause then you are internaly focused instead of reacting and focusing on everything else.
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