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So now I've taken a walk.

I've been unraveling the chodiverse I've been spinning in my head lately.
The first girl I saw I thought. "Maybe I should smile to her."
After a while I started thinking "She looks hot."
And I knew that I was back to relative normal when I had no problem starring on
a girls breasts in passing even turning my head cause I liked them.

So what are my conclutions.
The problem came as I didn't really know what my next step was.
And I expended a fair amount of energy on thinking about the next step
with this girl. My uncouncious got the message and started working on it's
own even as I had long ago taken a break. And when I started looking at
the object of my energy investment, my mind started feeding me thoughts about.
"Maybe you should write this."
And at first the ideas wasn't too bad. But as I kept looking at photos it became a feedback loop. The more photos I looked at the more chode my ideas became.
And the more chode ideas i got the more I looked at photos, trying to figure her out.

But, you know what, this was good for me!
Because now I have a method of detecting falling into chodespace.
And I have proved to myself that I can snap myself out of it.
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