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So three canadian girls checked into my hostel room.
They left today, but I didn't want to write anything before I knew how it panned out.
Now usually when I'm put into situations like this I kinda revert into nice chode mode.
Hello, how are you? Nice to meet you! Bla bla bla...
Instead I just said "Hey" when they entered and left them to their own devices.
Doing stuff on my computer.
When it got a bit later I said "Hey girls!!" In the tone of someone who might hit on them. One of them looked straight at me and "prepared for battle".
And I said "Maybe we should put out the lights it is getting late."
Haha the look of confusion on her face was priceless.

Anyway the next day I got to chat them up a bit, and introduced myself only when
it was established that they respected me. That worked out pretty well and the rest
of the time I cracked jokes with them and made fun of their desperate several hour long efforts to prepare to hit the clubs. I've never been in this position before so it
was great. No I didn't fuck them, not even kiss them.
But you know what? It doesn't matter, cause the realizations I had in their company as a guy they had respect for was priceless.

I got to deal with a lot of basic insecurities that came up for me.
And by having a laid back, I'm in my world doing my thing and you guys
you are the entertainment approach.

Now obviously the next time something similar happens it will be different.
I will get to deal with other things I noticed about myself.
Like how I hold back on entering their space.

Still I got to do stuff I never would have dared with a group of 3 hot girls.
You know the ones who gets to just do what they want.
Pulled into VIP and stuff, just by talking with some guy with influence.
Don't bother to carry ID or much money cause drinks and entrance will be provided. It was a fascinating experience and even though I didn't
do what Alex or Tyler would have done in the situation.
"Having an orgy in the room." I'm quite satisfied with the progress I made.
Building a better reality one interaction at a time.
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 good post, dude. I can relate with you on some things you've discussed too. making small moves to eliminate insecurties is what it's all about. 
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Thanks man!
Yeah one distinction after another.
Before you know it you have come far! :)
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