Last night: private party of some classmates, no closes, a bit drunk, high, and very very social. walked home for about an hour. Feels good.

Stress is good

This is maybe the core of pickup, being alpha, discipline or self-development. Coming out the comfort zone to develop yourself, to struggle with the outer stress (people bitching around) and the inner stress (negative thoughts). I read Ozzie saying that punching through resistance (from the girl) is that what creates attraction, but there's not only resistance from her, but also from yourself (I also think that resistance only exists in your head) and maybe this is because many keyboard jockeys, lazy dudes, but also beginners in pickup concentrate on inner game or outer game details, it reduces the stress and resistance. Sure, game is fun, but it also envolves handling much stress, the alpha is that guy who can handle the most stress in the group. Be it discipline, positivity, humour, pickup tactics, KINO, socialness, it all comes down to the handling of stress/emotions. A straight back is also very important, i don't know, but it kinda gets you to another level of stress.
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hey Eugene.. tell us something about your location you've been at! What kind of audience you were speaking with? Your post is keenly fertile  but we wanna have more yield from it! 
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