My latest philosophy is based on that succes comes not from the pursuit to want the success, but from the LOVE to your decisions, hobbies, job, etc. You probably need to do something, and you want to do something (different), but basically you DONT HAVE TO do something, you DECIDE to do something. Be loyal to your decisions. Often you cant decide to do what you love so much, but have to love what you decide to do. Its no fucking spiritual shit, this are two different concept and workflows you apply. You probably heard all that stuff and I recommend some books about success, as this whole succes thing is your house - where your dating life is a room in it.

However I struggled with the principle of non-neediness hard. Actually if you want to be non-needy to get chicks you are acting needy.

You dont decide to approach that hottie because you need her validation, but simply BECAUSE YOU WANT HER. If you dont know what the difference is - I cannot describe it for you - YOU FEEL IT

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