Sometimes I cath myself procrastinating an approach, house work, studies, whatever. Yeah, we all know that this is bad, but it is so comfortable. But one day I rode my bike to a village near my town with a badass hill inbetween and realized one of the simplest things on earth you can actually describe philosophically: you need to ride uphill, before enjoying the ride downhill, yeah simple Newtonian physics, I know. Also stopping in the middle for your comfort does fucking nothing and riding back makes no sense. Lazyness is like riding on the same level, without riding uphill, but also not riding downhill.

If you have a negative connotation with discipline in your mind, like I had (my first sports teacher, which was dislikable IMO,  taught me the word), I offer a kinda optimistic view of discipline: it nearly never is bad: It is like the potential energy you invest (riding uphill) to enjoy the ride downhill, delaying gratification.

But it also takes an independance, I better say acceptance of your own emotions to push through the hard part. (Jeffy said something like: "Better pain of discipline, than pain of regret") But soon you will begin to eat energy of your discipline, of your excitement, viewing pickup kinda like a sport or hobby, where the work IS the fun.

And yeah, its kinda attractive to the girls.  But that comes second to what discipline really is: The biggest factor for success.

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good article, got some good insights
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