Okay, this is kinda strange. Remember when you didn't have the nuts to do something, because you were too nervous? Remember when you meant you had no state.

I remember being fucking paralyzed when I had my first time.

Okay here is the thing, you cannot make your head to cut the nervousness and simply to chill. Or better said not the usual way. When I get nervous I go into "Action Mode", meaning that when I get nervous, I do not wanna chill, i wanna go fucking nuts. And when I reached a certain level I am able to blast trough the image of my existence and use my potential, look forward and chill. But not chill like fucking stoner, chill like fucking iron. You must understand that your potential is way more bigger than your image of yourself.

You see a challenge and you get to decide, you get nervous - your body wants to say that it want to get something of your potential. Nervousness helps you.
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