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 TD wrote a great article about implementing a habbit that evrybody knows and i think implementing a habbit "the habbit" is the number one thing to do when starting pua or self actualisation because it's the first step from knowing toward doing but one thing keep comming to my mind that not evrybody has enough HEART to go through the pain, some poeple have tones of knowledge but no balls to implement.
is it genetics? were they crushed for too long that they dont have sparks in their hearts? 
or they are just immature? 
so what to do for those "sparkless" people they keep on buying the material who i think they are the backbone of the pua business i heared that DD makes 20 millions dollar a year!!!!! it becomes an addiction to get the new material out there but what really they are looking for is the this spark that will get them going.
the spark can fade away specially in a society were we have the luxuries of the 21st century we dont have to die anymore if we dont get our ass to work (hunt) .
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