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Hey, this is a simple introduction of who I am , and what I'm here to do. I'm Bamboo, a 21 year old french white guy that's all new to this shit. I'm not here to fuck around and play around, I'm here to be the coolest person EVER, no SHIT about it. Hell, I'm probably cooler than all you guys right now...HAHA I'm just joking, I AM COOLER. SHIIITITTTTTTTTTTTT, yeah that'S right , SHIT TIT!!!!

Shit TITS! I'm here to kick some ASS. I haven't opened one set yet , well maybe a couple before finding this site and the whole community, but I'm am sure that being the coolest person in the world will help me out. 

I'm not here to hate guys, I just here to be THE DAMN BEST we've evA seen. And I'm not saying this like I'm a CHODE douchebag trying to pump his Ego, I'm here for realz mang, I'm here to pick up chicks and win.

You can follow my reports if you want, but let me worn you , after awhile you might feel like your head will explode because I am really a crazy person!!!

Can't wait to share my stories with you guys, Bro Luv, and I'm looking forward to live cRAAZY adventures with you all.

yours truly: shit tits


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