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My most frequent opportunies to meet women are during day to day activities (The gym, grocery store, gas stations, restaurants, etc.)

I'm a good looking guy, or so I'm told, and I get looks from girls quite often. I need to learn to capitalize on these opportunites.

It seems that most of the time I'm just too nervous to approach. Other times I'll approach, but not get anything done with the conversations.

Help me out, if you can, with what I need to do to get numbers, dates, etc.
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Pare im also experiencing cold approaches my cure to that is just be nice if it feels wrong just bail with a "gotta go" or a "haha thats nice" with the body language that you dont like her..

just send out a confusing response...

if you really like the woman just ask a bunch of questions about the sorroundings that is not common to everday happening

ex."hey have you ever tought of seeing an old lady doing 100 bench press.. haha"
deliver it with confidence... believe in the statement that it will work...
respond to what she says just go twith the flow..

well that is what i do hope it helps...
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Haha that's a big can of worms bro, theres so much you can do to improve your game. Start reading the articles that the instructors post, sign up for the news letter and consider investing in one of their dvd programs. Foundations is great, its got all you need to know as far as basics go.

The best thing for you to do is practice, it's a skill and you can build it like any other skill.  Practice keeping eye contact (without being weird and creepy), start talking to everyone, be social. If you can, hit up nightclubs and bars and just open any girl that strikes your fancy, even if it's just hi.

So, initially you want to open. You can say just about anything you want as long as your cool about it and not a creepy weirdo. Anything means anything, seriously. Jeffy has talked about opening with shit like "Hi, I'm a fuckin retard, wanna be my friend?" or something off the wall like that. It literally doesn't matter what you say. As long as your voice tonality and body language are sending the right messages, you're fine. 93% of our communication is through voice tone and body language.

The hook comes next. Have interesting stuff to talk about, bust their balls a little. Just keep it light and playful. Then when the convo ends or you have to go, get the number. "It was fun talkin, gimme your number."

That should get you started, have fun with it.
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