How To Go Out Like A Pro

In this article you can find your own personality and relate to it. This is especially useful for understanding your behavior in a night club and shift focus on your strengths instead of hiding your weaknesses.

However, in this article you will find out there there is one personality that just does not belong in a night club. And never will. For those people I suggest a little bit of self development and learning how to laugh.

There are 4 personalities in a club: Yellow, Blue, Red and Green. Let's look at ever one of them and examine what are their behaviors, strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that the descriptions are over exaggerations and some people have more than one personality colors.

The Yellows
Yellows are people who want to help others. They are calm, friendly, altruistic and loyal. They don't cause much trouble. In fact, if your in trouble, they will gladly help you out.

Yellow's engine is altruism. They don't want to compete or gain something from others. All they want to do is to share their positivity with everyone.

Yellow is actually one of my personalities when I'm in a nightclub. I sometimes get compliments from others, and one of them is: "You're so helpful." I get that one a lot.

When I try to hide my Yellow personality, I get stuck in my head, can't approach strangers and end up having a bad night. I found that embracing this color is much more useful because then I'm being more "me".

They have genuine interest in others.

They can approach stringers easily because all they want to do is to offer their value to them.

They view everyone as friendly.

They are naturally positive people.

They are less insecure about themselves than any other type.

They usually get compliments or support because Yellows give compliments and support to others.

They don't have a competitive edge.

They can get hurt easily.

They may feel like they are not good enough sometimes.

They dislike pressure.

They won't like to deal with bullshit.

They are sensitive to rejection.

Yellows are selfless and supportive people. They are also sensitive and, perhaps, too calm for a nightclub. If you are a Yellow person, then you should embrace it and develop a secondary color as well.

Now let's look at the Blues

The Blues
Blues are natural talkers. They are outgoing and fun. They love talking to people and often lead the conversation. They are positive and adventurous people.

Their engine is having fun. If a Blue is in a nightclub, he/she will be having the most fun. They have a lot of inner energy to keep going throughout the night.

Blue is my choice of personality when I am out. I found that Blue's behavior is a great match for being out and having fun.

My thing with Blue personality is that I forget everything that I have ever read/watched/listen about going out, and just doing it subconsciously. My main mission: to have maximum amount of fun.

They are all about fun.

They love to be the center of attention.

They don't notice social pressure.

They are very fun to have around.

They can talk endlessly.

They have a great sense of humor.

They are very outgoing people.

They can be a bit annoying if they never stop talking.

They can over consume alcohol, even though they need it less then any other type.

They may not be very responsible for their actions.

They can get in trouble.

These people are build for nightclubs. In fact, they can get in trouble faster than anyone else. They don't focus much on the "theorys", instead, they do it naturally.

Now let's look at the Red personality

The Reds
Reds typically dress the best in a nightclub. They often have a lot of money with them due to their boss-like lifestyle. Reds like to get in action, be noticed and have a lot of self-esteem with them.

They dislike to give up and take a lot of things like a competition. Never challenge a Red.

Red is not my color. However, I am pretty Red just before I'm going out. This was my mindset from the start: getting things done, going out against all odds and feeling pride when I Level Up in my clubbing.

But as soon as I'm in a nightclub, I naturally drop the Red behavior - I become Yellow-Blue-ish person.

They look good, feel good and are confident.

They are bosses, which makes them interesting people.

Again, they have a rare success-orientated mindset.

They accomplish things.

They are very competitive.

They dislike losing.

They love a challenge.

They may be too stuck in their self-image.

They pay too much attention to the power of money and looks and less to their personal self development.

They won't lose their egos - they won't do silly things in a night club.

They may use way too much alcohol.

They hide their insecurities.

They often don't go to nightclubs.

Being Red in a nightclub means being a boss. But Reds won't go as far as to lose their egos. They often succeed because of their self-esteem that their money, looks and expensive stuff may give them. On the other hand, they often fail because they may have a lot of insecurities without them.

Let's look at the Greens

The Greens
Greens are very analytical. You can view them as logic based, smart nerds in a club. They dislike to socialize with strangers and talk about informative topics with close friends.

Being green in a nightclub means to stand out by not standing out. They don't like to dance much. They are more into talking, and that's only because of a chance to talk about nerdy things.

I'm never Green in a nightclub. However, this is how I started out in the beginning. I've calculated my every step and word. Came up with all sorts of strategies and tricks. And even calibrated my body language.

Greens are way to analytical to have fun in a party. That is why I had to give up that way of thinking.

They are able to understand a lot of complex social dynamics around them.

They can be witty sometimes.

They are well equipped with information.

They are smart.


They need alcohol the most to have fun.

They are less physical than any other type.

They may have a lot of insecurities.

They usually talk about topics that should not be spoken in a nightclub. Things like: math, science, books, physiology etc...

They may dress weird or have weird facial hair.

They typically are considered as "weird" in a nightclub.

Green does not belong in a nightclub. These personalities usually spend their time in front of a computer screen at Friday nights. They are smart, but they are not fun. At least not for the other personalities. Greens go well with other Greens.

The Conclusion
Yellow = altruist;
Blue = adventurous;
Red = boss;
Green = nerd;

Which one of them is best suited for a nightclub? - Blues! And which one are you?

Keep in mind that if your primary color is not Blue, it's still okay to embrace your primary color, unless it's Green. Greens just don't mix with nightclubs.

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