Azuria's Adventures And Fun Times

"This is who I am. These are my unbreakable standards for myself. They will change over time but for now it cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Read this every day to realign yourself.

I am always enough. I am always perfect.
I trust myself completely moment to moment.
I go into each new moment and experience with self trust, self esteem and confidence.
I am high value, and the most important person in my reality.
I first and foremost allow myself to feel good all the time because I am alive.
I am social with literally everyone, as equals, and do nothing but offer value to all.
I bring out the best in others and fully expect everyone to be extremely cool and open.
I am 100% present all of the time, moving further into the beauty and power in the now.
I focus on self esteem, quality in everything, self improvement and honest growth.
I am a dominant leader of all, and I am certain of myself and my faculties.
I separate work and play; logical communication and emotional communication times.
I am centered, grounded, chill, and potent.
I am mature emotionally but childish externally.
I do not judge others and view everything with a fresh set of eyes.
I assume nothing and expect nothing of anyone or anything.
I am in touch with my masculine and my feminine and never get stuck in either.
I am completely dynamic and willing to let go of a momentary self in favour of another.
I care about life, about people and helping others grow and learn.
I am fun, spontaneous, adventurous, and up for anything at any time with anyone.
I know my natural sense of humour will come out easily when I am comfortable (always).
I see the best in others, assume total acceptance just for my natural self and vice versa.
I value consistency over perfection, and expression over impression.
I disregard social feedback and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me.
I always define myself and set my own natural frame instead of adopting others’.
I move through the world with ease, never take anything too seriously and have fun.
I make everything in my world interesting, cool and fun.
I am on my purpose, on my path and people are welcome to join my world for the ride.
In the way I do anything, I do everything; each thing contributes to the new reality."

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