The Unexpected Saturn Return

Hi all. The other night was a strange one. While my eye-contact is fairly solid by now, there was an escalation block. I think I've figured out what it was that was holding me back, but it took a while. Me and this Brazilian girl were talking and it was hilarious because she barely had a word of English and I had NO Portugese whatsoever. The vibe was strong though, but for some reason I just couldn't release and go with the flow. I reckon it had something to do with being TOO self-conscious about the eye-contact and not letting go, which is such a shame because she was very beautiful and the chemistry was there. I killed it by not escalating. This is something I need to work on. Because of this I didn't get into state. Alas. Gotta keep trying to balance these things out.

On a lighter note, a black girl gently squeezed my nipples. Again, I stress the power of eye-contact! All I said was 'Hi!'.
Not kidding. Hilarious.
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While heading towards a venue, I discovered a way of alleviating a mild form of anxiety through a process which involves imagining an exchange of eye-contact between me and a girl. What I've noticed after going out in the field is that steadfast eye-contact creates a kind of echoing emotional effect. The law of state transfer applies here, but it's like a game of tennis. What I feel – of course – she feels, but it works both ways! This in turn, creates an escalating spiral of positive emotion. As a meditation, this works well. You simply imagine this phenomenon and it works wonders for calming oneself down before going into the field, for me at least.

I hope you all found this intersting/helpful etc.
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For me, this was a big one. Even with my nerves having an epileptic fit, the procedure of making solid, laser-like eye-contact was a saviour. My emotions grew more positive the more I fixed my attention deeply with the eyes.

There were two girls. They were both English. I was with a friend of mine. It's a start for me to say that this night was a discovery insofar as how much one simple thing can make a massive difference. Even though neither of us pulled, we had a fun night. And that's crucial too. It was a "fun" night. Is it possible to assume that powerful eye-contact acts as a kind of emotional gravitational pull? Does a girl get more sucked into a man's reality if his eye-contact is stronger? Obviously there has to be positive emotions backing that, but it's amazing how strong emotional bonds can form through strong eye-contact.

What I also discovered was how powerful masculine emotion can be when it comes to influencing women. My friend and I were originally heading to this venue before bumping into these two outside a bar. After talking about our plans to head on over to this "place", they were psyched. Both girls were completely driven by emotion, even though neither me nor him knew exactly what to expect, since we hadn't been there in months. We had a good time in the end. Feeling more relaxed in myself. Going to a Brazilian party tonight! Woop!
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It all starts finally. It was a hesitant beginning for me. My own assemblage of depression, procrastination and excess of rationalization. Did anybody ever read Dr. Zdrok's book? I did. Well before "The Game" was released. Both books left me perturbed. One was pathological, the other was simply hilarious. We all know what happened when the sequel to Strauss's bestseller came out, right? A plan! Finally! Something we can all work with! I reached day 14 before I was rescued by a brilliant and life-changing friend. He asked me: have you ever heard of Tyler Durden?

Of course, I'd watched Fight Club. Who hadn't? I'd read "The Game" too, but did he really mean Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden? Or did he mean someone else...

He didn't say Owen Cook for reasons that would have been potentially blistering (or so I thought) at the time. He introduced me to the BluePrint and it changed my life. There was no turning back. But was it true? Did it really work?

When I started hitting the clubs with him, there were several paradigm shifts that occurred which made me realize that yes, natural game was a very real phenomenon, and that it could indeed be learned, even mastered. But something was holding me back. Something visceral and tortured. None of my wingmen could figure it out and neither could I. It was only when I went into therapy that I figured out what it was that had caused so much grief. As Jeffy once said: sometimes we're just not ready for this stuff. I wasn't, and I knew it. But now I am.

Guys, I know that meditation is an important subject for you, but from my own experience, the biggest mistake that is made by individuals flocking to that practice is the assumption that it well subconsciously remedy all forms of inner pain. This, I'm afraid, is not true. The cause of depression is unprocessed grief. You must process the grief FIRST. ONLY THEN can meditation work blissfully. As James Hillman once said: If you are still being hurt by an event that happened to you at twelve, it is the thought that is hurting you now. This is true. And mediation is a serene and placid activity, but it won't cure you of the grief. It helps you live with it.

I'll give you a more detailed back-story in due course, but for now, let me just say that I'm out of the dark place, and I'm ready to report my experiences in the field. Over and out.
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