The Unexpected Saturn Return

Feeling relatively ok, surprisingly! Still not quite ready for the Bullet Run. I need to relax a bit. Wasn't too outcome dependent, but very focused on trying to make the correct leap when it came to bonding. Maybe it's easier to do a one-on-one? Hard to say. It shouldn't make a difference. I was definitely tense. The effort to make a bond in order for it to go well could be the impetus that wills the approach itself. In other words, I approach because I want to for the sake of proving to myself that I can achieve emotional compliance. Of course, that's an outcome dependent mode of thinking! Ha! Oh, this brain of mine... The test of me then, is to enjoy simply doing it for the sake of the experience itself. When we think of all our best memories, they are indeed positive reference experiences and we'd like to have more of them. Why not build a nice memory collection? Could that be what this is all about? Simlpy having fun?
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