The Unexpected Saturn Return

That awkward moment when you realise that you may have an addiction to negative emotion, resulting in negative outcome. See, there's a dualism here. On the one hand, there's the old me: insecure, negative, outcome-oriented, reactionary, etc., etc. And then theres the deep identity-level change that I'm working to build. How does one defeat this heavy-weight past?

Well, everything is getting close to solidifying when it comes to approaching. Working on what Branson calls the "hook-point" is the next step. But I need to go out more. I went out three times a week for the past month but it needs to go up to four. Tonight, is the first time I make that change. Hopefully the scales will have tipped by the end of the week. I'm beginning to think that the measure of how much one needs to change could be paralleled by the number of nights one needs to go out to make that change. In my case: more.

Wish me luck, brothers.
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