The Unexpected Saturn Return

'Find the woman who'll be the ideal mother of your children, not the soulmate who tries to fix you.' -RSDAlexander An immediate paradigm shift, albeit an alarming one. It seems obvious, of course, but the transparency of such a truthful statement is not what bothers me. Rather, it's the culture that seems to champion the latter option. Are we socially conditioned to be needy? Think about it. Almost every romcom we see is written under the assumption that love is something external. I no longer think that to be the case. For men, love must be built from within. For women, love is received. If I'm not correct – and I'm more than ready to admit that! – then this puts us men in a very curious disposition: make love, not war. Maybe this is how intimacy between the sexes is designed to work in accordance with nature. It makes sense. Why would women love our ramblings so much if they weren't dependent on that flood of positive emotion? Think about it! Positive reference experience = Positive emotion.Positive emotion = Love <3 . :) This is why the term abundance is so important: it's not about how much you can get, it's about how much you can give. To be abundant is to be a fountain of positive emotion.Do women see us as a resort to quench their thirst? (No pun intended...) ;) High self-esteem is achieved via the disenfranchisement of the negative reference experience in favour of the positive. Accumulating a wealth of these experiences is key to grounding a foundation for positive emotional generation, which can then be deployed accordingly with will and with ease. Is the above merely a metaphysical description of the ejaculating phallus?! Yeah. You were thinking that too, weren't you? Don't lie. I know you were. :)  
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