The Unexpected Saturn Return

Last night was a vast improvement from the previous nights, and it's all because of a big shift in my thinking. I realised that the central reason why I got into the Game had almost nothing to do with sex. My issue was a lack of emotional security – as well as an inability to form a connection – with women. From the very beginning, the bar had been set far too high. It's easy to assume your purpose with such things when getting into Game for the first time: "I'm gonna have sex with lots of girls!", etc.,etc. But now I realise the cause of so much anxiety: I was the one putting too much pressure on myself by expecting amazing results to happen at a time that was far too soon..So, before I went out, I established three very important factors:.1) I don't care about sex anymore. I'm just going to bond with some girls and have nice, fun conversations..2) I don't care if I don't kiss or even get a number. I'm just going to bond with some girls and have nice, fun conversations..3) I'm going to focus on every positive reference experience and this will help me block out my demons..And then I went out and I managed to approach five different women and had two great conversations. I'm happy about that. My mood was so much more positive and I felt so relaxed doing it because I'd basically removed an anvil from my shoulders. I even bumped into a girl I knew from school who I hadn't seen in years and the chemistry was pretty high, but, interestingly, in an emotional way rather than a sexual way..All of the above, I think, constitutes a big change for me. Now I have to move forward by doing a Bullet  Run. What do I mean by that? Approach, approach, approach. The next time I go out, I'm going to approach every girl I can. I'm not going to be selective and if get hesitant I'll just work hard to detach myself from those negative emotions by focusing on the positive reference experiences I've had. That's my goal for the next stage. Thank you RSD for all your help. Felling hopeful.
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