The Unexpected Saturn Return

Hi all. The other night was a strange one. While my eye-contact is fairly solid by now, there was an escalation block. I think I've figured out what it was that was holding me back, but it took a while. Me and this Brazilian girl were talking and it was hilarious because she barely had a word of English and I had NO Portugese whatsoever. The vibe was strong though, but for some reason I just couldn't release and go with the flow. I reckon it had something to do with being TOO self-conscious about the eye-contact and not letting go, which is such a shame because she was very beautiful and the chemistry was there. I killed it by not escalating. This is something I need to work on. Because of this I didn't get into state. Alas. Gotta keep trying to balance these things out.

On a lighter note, a black girl gently squeezed my nipples. Again, I stress the power of eye-contact! All I said was 'Hi!'.
Not kidding. Hilarious.
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