The Unexpected Saturn Return

Hi all. I think it's finally starting to happen. Made a really great leap the other night that constituted a very substantial grounding in my PRE's (Positive Reference Experience). Cold approached a girl and we got on really well. Basically I gamed myself for my own amusement and I didn't fall into outcome dependency. It may be the first time this ever properly happened. I didn't go far enough. There was no number close or anything and that was because I cut it off by saying that I had to get a glass of water or something stupid along those lines. But the lesson I took from the experience is this: just keep going until the blow-out or number close or whatever. That's a possible success barrier I have but I think I'm ready to go for a bullet run.

Slowly, but surely, my game is improving! Thanks RSD and everyone who gave me advice once again for helping me change my life!
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Great job man! Hey just by going out and starting approaching you are far ahead than most guys will ever be. Who the fuck have the balls to approach people they don't know just because they want to? (I know a lot of people and I can guarantee you... VERY FEW).

Focus on having fun while you are out man. Focus on yourself and what you can control and the rest just let it be.  Warm up properly to have access to all your faculties. Be purposeful, controlled, flowing , self-amused this is going to make you have behaviors which are going to convey to the girl you are sex worthy. Keep good eye contactphysicality and breaking rapport tonality.

You want your general vibe to be positive. Make sure you have your thoughts, words and action aligned. But don't freak out about all this. Make yourself aware of them an go out to internalize. This game is about taking massive action. Take so much action that your mind shuts off.

I recommend getting PIMP (Julien's product) and then after you've went out 3 hours for each hour of content to this program do the same on Foundations  and the Blueprint Decoded.

On those notes the man himself, mister Durden:

Warm up:

Focus on what you can control:

Game is about taking massive action:

Take so much action your mind shuts off:

Remember, for each our watching content you must be 3 hours in the field... So here is Julien on outer game, but be aware that outer game is useless if you are not sex worthy in the first place.
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