The Unexpected Saturn Return

Last night was quite erratic. There was a storm of different emotions at work and it was all because of my inability to strip my desires from outcome-dependency. I made the largest number of approaches I ever did on a single night out, not even sure how many in total.It was interesting because I was with a wingman friend of mine who's very experienced and was in state when I met up wth him. A very inspiring guy. But let's cut to the chase: I started approaching and it wasn't going well. There were so many anxiety attacks that I almost left the club, but he forced me to stick around, even though I was freaking out in my head. It was awful, but I'm very grateful to him. I made more approaches. What I've noticed is that it's impossible to predict how any opener will go, but by maintaining everything I talked about in regards to eye-contact, etc. in my previous posts, things don't go too badly. What was wrong?  It was this: even with Branson's advice on creativity with ideas in an interaction as well as using the environment to generate conversation, I was making a crucial error. I was doing it all to GAIN A RESPONSE FROM THE GIRL. That's where the problem was!  When myself and my buddy were heading home we talked about the night that had just passed and he told me an interesting story. He said that for months he spent all his nights out generating his state through self-amusement. He was pumping his own state up for himself and then spreading the value! This was something I wasn't doing. I thought I was, but I wasn't. In the end he left me with these powerful words: Don't Game the Girl, Game Yourself. Happy Hallowe'en guys. Hope you enjoyed this one. I'm off to a party. Let's see how it goes!
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