The Unexpected Saturn Return

For me, this was a big one. Even with my nerves having an epileptic fit, the procedure of making solid, laser-like eye-contact was a saviour. My emotions grew more positive the more I fixed my attention deeply with the eyes.

There were two girls. They were both English. I was with a friend of mine. It's a start for me to say that this night was a discovery insofar as how much one simple thing can make a massive difference. Even though neither of us pulled, we had a fun night. And that's crucial too. It was a "fun" night. Is it possible to assume that powerful eye-contact acts as a kind of emotional gravitational pull? Does a girl get more sucked into a man's reality if his eye-contact is stronger? Obviously there has to be positive emotions backing that, but it's amazing how strong emotional bonds can form through strong eye-contact.

What I also discovered was how powerful masculine emotion can be when it comes to influencing women. My friend and I were originally heading to this venue before bumping into these two outside a bar. After talking about our plans to head on over to this "place", they were psyched. Both girls were completely driven by emotion, even though neither me nor him knew exactly what to expect, since we hadn't been there in months. We had a good time in the end. Feeling more relaxed in myself. Going to a Brazilian party tonight! Woop!
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