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Dude... not feeling a long post here.

What a beauty..

Couple quick insights/thoughts though:
-She definitely chose me. I'd known her for about a week, and she invited me to her birthday party, and looking back, I can see how she had even talked with her roomate about having sex with me.

At one point in the night she said: Don't judge me (This was before I was "sure" we were hooking up), and I thought she meant not to judge her if she danced with other guys in the club.

Turns out she tells me while we're in the club later on: Don't judge me if I rape you tonight.

And pretty much ALL of her LMR (I don't even really want to call it that because... I KNEW sex was happening the whole time, there were just a couple bumbs to handle) was I hope you don't judge me... you aren't ever going to speak to me after this will you... stuff like that.

At one point I grabbed her and told her, "Look at me! I like you. A lot. And that doesn't mean I want a relationship, but I won't judge you. You're awesome and I want you."

That was when the switch turned and after that there wasn't really anything to deal with other than only having one condom and having to go to Walgreens for more where they keep all their condoms on lock-down and you have to have a giant, bald black man help you select your favorite kind... yeah... he knows a lot about me now ha ha ha...

Bottom line: Be genuine. Love yourself. Love women. Give value.

And hit the field like a motherfucker.

That's what got me this lay. :D
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Second time I've had girl in bed and she's not let me stick it in.

I'm taking my time turning her on and I know for a fact I'm making them REALLY turned on.

Last two times, I get all her clothes off except her panties.

At least I got a hand-job this time, ha ha. But fuck hand-jobs. I want pussy! :D

Anyone at this same level or been through this and have any tips?
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Hey! You look like my friend Anna that's going to come here in a little bit!
  ---semi-awkward meeting when I introduce the two Annas.

Me: You're my favorite girl that I met tonight.
Her: You're my favorite boy that I met tonight.
-----------didn't pull, but I got her number and it should be pretty solid...

Kissed 3 girls tonight. Ha ha ha...! Yes! FINALLY, an ON night.

And they're only going to get better and better and better.

FUCKIN' Go the fuck out if you're sitting at home reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's weird....

I'm  in some sort of limbo state... where I'm becoming myself more and more around people but I'm still figuring it all out a LOT.

Walked with this one girl I've been talking to for about a week or so now. She's a virgin Christian. And I want to take it. :D ha ha ha... ha ha ha...

She's definitely "making me wait," though.

And for good reason, I guess... I mean, I'm not really in LOVE with her... I don't know why I still feel like it would be better if I were. I'm attracted to her... but she's not the most attractive girl around always.

When she was with me earlier the hottest girl I've ever number closed and spoken with for more than 10 minutes walked by and I stopped her and talked with her for a minute. I was def a little nervous... because I usually don't have a problem with stuff to say but apparently I didn't have anything to say right there... ah, I guess I did, I was just setting the bar too high, as Ryan says.

I guess I'm still afraid of what people think of me.

I need to fail bigger, dammit.

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So I was just now making some beans and rice because I'm half mexican, when I saw on the label that black beans are for black people.

They call them Negros, I'm not sure why....

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Thursday night...

Dropped off by party bus at 10:45, get into club. About 16 people there total. I grab a beer, which normally, I don't do, but man... if I have 1 beer... damn... I just feel better... I'm just SLIGHTLY socially lubricated and... sets just open a little easier for me. And I didn't want to resist the urge tonight.

So I walk outside and sit down beside this girl. Ok, cool, turns out to be a cute cocktail waitress.

We talked for at least 30 minutes. No make-out... although I did try. But def some solid hand-holding and bubble of love stuff. She was Jane and I was Tarzan... actually a good one I made up! :D

I go to get a second beer and when I do, cocktail waitress goes to sell shots or whatever... I got her number... so I'll follow up with it. Maybe it'll go somewhere because it seemed like a pretty solid interaction... def had some basic attraction. Not a TON, but she was laughing and we were holding hands and shit so... anyways.

So, she's gone.

I walk up to a group of like 5 or 6 girls. HEY! you guys look cute. I'm Aaron." I ended up making an Acronymn out of their names and was just joking around with that having fun and turns out that they were from the town where I worked this summer and knew some of the people I knew. Small world..

So I'm talking to this cute 18-year-old and she's like, kind of qualifying me in a way... like, she was like you have beautiful eyes and teeth and I love your hands, and that's just the type of guy I like... or some shit like that. We talked and held hands and it's funny because we were just sitting across from where I talked to the cocktail girl but I did similar stuff with the second girl. I don't know if the cocktail waitress saw us, but she would have been like, wow... so he does this same thing to every girl.

But then, of course, I shouldn't be concerned with what she's thinking of me anyways..

We talk for like 30 minutes or so. Her friends want to leave, cool! I'll go with you! (They lived SUPER close to where I live). So we're good to go, walk down to the car and all of a sudden the friends get weird and don't want me to ride with them anymore.

I persisted and plowed and kept on saying, "Don't be weird, let's just go!" And stuff like that, but turns out that they just wouldn't let me ride with them, so this is when I get the fury. I'm walking back to where the party bus dropped me off when I see MILF. Slapping a trash can.

HEY! You've got the fury too!

Her: No! I'm just pissed.

Yeah. That's called the fury!

Anyways, turns out she's lost her cellphone and I'm hitting on her hardcore, calling her a and going in hard for the make-out... ha ha... she's 46.

Right before she gets in the cab she looks at me. I grab her and pull her in for a kiss. :D

Ha ha ha... I kissed a woman older than my mom. And I would have fucked her too. She was hot. Amazing tits, beautiful ass. Ha ha

BUT I still have the fury!

I tried to talk to this one girl that I've been talking to for a few days now who was out and she was like, "I want you to be my best friend!" I've heard that from like 3 girls in the past few days. So, obviously, I'm not having enough intent. Enough woo, but not enough intent. So I start going hard on this girl. NO! Fuck you! I won't be your friend, I want to bend you over :D" All said with a smile and... ha ha ha... kept this kind of thing up for like 20 minutes partly waiting for the party bus and partly on it and she eventually moves to a different seat, so I'm just pissed and walk down to the first story of the bus. It's a double decker...

Concluding thoughts:
------------Intent. More intent. I already have lots of natural woo. Now I just need the intent. Or more of it anyways.
------------2 numbers in my phone both from appx 30 minute interactions. Nice... we'll see how it goes with that.
------------I must pursue what I want at all times, even if it means losing solid interactions/my investments up to that point.
------------Can't wait to use this intent stuff tomorrow! :D
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Haven't been posting, but I HAVE been in the field.

Been going out 5 nights a week solid for the past 3 weeks now, after this week ends...

It's kind of interesting how the last two nights have both been.

I get this kind of mood that's similar to the one before working out, like, "All right, well... I need to work out now..." And it's not really a super fun mood... But once I get to the club, I'm generally having fun.

Been a little tired lately, so that doesn't help my mood, but usually by the end of the night is when I'm getting into the super fun mode.

I'm not drinking at all at the club, which I'm proud of, but I can def see how that would loosen me up... but I want to not have to rely on the alcohol.

All I can say is, I'm loving it. I feel good about myself when I go out, I'm making new friends, and even though I haven't been closing AT ALL with girls in the club (I've sort of messed around with some non-club girls from school and stuff), obviously, I'm trying. And I'm learning.

One of my last sets of the night was probably my best, where I just went up to these to good looking girls and said, HEY! You guys are cute, do you want to come to our afterparty?" Bam. They loved it. It was just like, screw the bullshit, let's see if I can close right now... or something like that.

Also some crazy random shit with this super hot chick telling me to whip my dick out right there in the hallway near the bathroom and I said no and then this black guy comes over and whips his out... ha ha ha... weird shit...

Great stories that I don't want to take the time to type right now but I'm having fun...

I really want to fucking close, man!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that it'll happen eventually.. I just need to take a freaking bootcamp.

Hopefully, I'm going to this thing free conference thing on Saturday! :D
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So apparently there's a promotional party for a student apartment complex right across the street from me. I saw the flyer promoting the free food, music, etc.

So I'm like, Ok! I'll go check it out! Maybe a cool time to talk and meet with people.

I get there and I'm standing inside the welcome office. Right in front of me is the double door leading to the pool. Hmm... ok, so it's a pool party. I'm in jeans and flip-flops... funny how the mind uses ANY excuse to rationalize not pushing through your fears. I hear the music and see the beautiful people and BAM... not action, hesistation. Do you think I pushed through and starting saying hey to people?

I knew that if I did, EVERYBODY would see me and all I could think about was everyone staring at me coming in alone w/o a friend to talk to the bikini girls.

Of course, because of my hesitation. Here I sit. Instead of chatting it up with them, I'm feeling like a loser.

Ha ha... this sucks.

I just wanted to type it out because I want to go through the process to reason out why I should have just GONE FOR IT!

Let's say, worst case, I go out there and immediately begin chatting up the first people I see. Most likely, at the place I am now in my personal development, they're not going to immediately blow me out... but this is what made me hesitate is I'm thinking, well, what then? Say I talk with them for 3-5 minutes... then what? Move on to the next set? Out there in the open where everyone can see? People would have seen me just go from set to set. I mean, it was an open, not too many people out kind of atmosphere. Enough to be a great place to meet people, but also, enough to where ALL of them would be looking at me. The lone approacher going from set to set... or at least, that's what I played out in my mind.

What would an RSD Instructor do?

Please let me know what you think!
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Ha ha! So, I went on an adventure tonight! It's 12:31 right now and I'm back at my house. Not a good sign to start out with.... and the truth is, I didn't even have a single make-out or anything tonight. I did try a couple times... but what happened was I got to the party bus and there were so many people there I almost didn't get on. Barely made it, had awesome picture taking, lovely time in the bus. Talking, shouting, singing at the top of my lungs. Met a few cool people. AFter I got there, I went with 5 girls to a different club. It took us 20 minutes to walk there. Cool that they trusted me for all that... made friends with them... flirting too... but... I can def see an improvement with my confidence and staying in set and girls trusting me more. There's more of that hot coal there... it's growing.

Ends up that the club was too packed and I didn't get in, but instead I rode back in a random dudes truck with like 10 girls. Got a few numbers of the girls beforehand and one of them seemed like she liked me and I thought it was going down but ends up she's like pushing me back into the truck saying, "He'll give you a ride home." And for some reason she didn't want me back at her place anymore... whereas at first she did, I thought... ugh, God dammit. But closer than I've been for a LONG time to a SNL... and also, riding back in random dudes truck and making friends with tons of people was still quite an adventure.

I've got 3 new numbers in my phone... at least, and had a solid night.

I can see how huge it is to just go out every night and how my brain is just starting to figure out this shit for me as I keep it up. I love it! 3rd night out this week since I didn't go out last night... some bullshit I don't want to talk about, but I'm going out 2 more nights this week 2! :D

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Wow! Probably the wierdest pick-up night I've ever had.

I actually only did 3 short sets the whole night. It's 12:28 right now, and I was only out for about an hour tops... Actually, there's just not a whole lot going on on a Monday night in my town. Granted, there was one place... but it ended up not really working out because of a surprising event.

So, my first set I spotted in an open, well-lit parking lot as I was on the sidewalk opposite them. I kept walking for a second and then I was like, Fuck! That might be the only set tonight, and they looked really cute, too. So! I ran over and yelled HEY! HEY! Ha ha ha... I was really nervous because I had never done an approach like this before but anyways, they stopped and turned around and they WERE really cute. A couple blondes with short blue jean shorts and black tops.

I was like, Hey, I know it's really creepy running up to you in the dark in a parking lot, but my assignment is to talk to at least 5 beautiful women tonight. Hey, I'm Aaron."

Bam! So... they're interested, and one of them starts smiling a bit and she's like what assignment? Who gave it to you?" And I'm like, "Actually, I gave it to myself." And I just started talking about how on Monday they might be the only cute girls in the whole city out right now and some other bla bla stuff and they were like, "Well, we have to go..." But they said it kind of like... well, they were still looking for me to lead and to see how I would respond to her saying that. So I was just like, "Ok, cool, so did you guys go to Dixie's?" And I just kept right on in the conversation! Ha ha... anyways, this is when things took a turn.

All of a sudden, two dudes roll up. Don't even look at me and start talking to the girls. Apparently they knew each other from work and they had just gotten off together. They don't even acknowledge me or anything, so, I just started to talk to one of the girls about her rainbow flip-flops and "plow"... and the wierd thing is that they just completely ignored me.

So, I was just like, "Ok, well, y'all aren't even responding at all, so I'm just gonna go." And I walked away.

I walk into Dixie's and I'm in there for 1 minute when the bouncer says "Walk with me outside." He's a big dude, so I comply. Also, he's the bouncer.

I come outside and I ask, "So, what's going on?"

He doesn't respond.

Me: Hey! WHat's up, man? Why did you want to talk to me?

Him: Talk to this guy.

And he's pointing to this cop coming up to us.

Ha ha ha, so there's also this other guy there with a t-shirt that says the name of the same place where the two girls and two guys I had been talking with earlier worked at, and I'm still thinking, what the fuck is going on?

So as soon as I role up, the guy in the work t-shirt says to the cop: my friend says this guy was harrassing our friends in the parking lot.

Me: Oh my god, that's ridiculous, who said that? I was just talking to them.

Cop: Ok, well, hold on, I want to talk to them.

So the cop gets on the phone with the girl and he looks at me and shakes his head like, ok, yeah, this is ridiculous, and he motions for me to leave.

So I left.

Yeah. Weird night...

When I think about it, I think where I went wrong was when those two dudes came up to me and the two girls in the parking lot. I should have talked to them, or at least said, "Hey! Why aren't you acknowledging me? I'm a real person. Do you have a problem or something? You guys are being really weird right now." Or something like that... I just didn't step up as a man and say what I was feeling in my gut. And I KNOW that if I had stepped up and addressed the issue, the whole situation with the cop would have been avoided.

What a bunch of douchebags. Ha ha... I think it just shook their reality too much to see a guy approach a couple cute girls (that they knew, so they probably also just wanted to be protective heros or some bullshit) and it actually go well. And I think it pissed them off that their feelings of superiority and alphaness were somehow shaken and put to the test. And they were like, well, let's call the cops and tell them that this guy was harrassing our friends. That'll show 'em! They were probably like 19 or maybe 20 years old. Stupid fucking chodes...

But it's whatever.

So, I was shaken up a little bit, but not too badly. After all, I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, and the whole ordeal didn't even last 4 minutes... it was just stupid.

So I'm walking back to my car like, shit. I only talked to 1 set tonight...

On the way back I see 2 girls and a guy and I'm like, OK! Let's go! (Unless he's having a 3-some, at least one of the girls will be available... ;P)

So I go up to them and I'm like "HEy! I'm Aaron!" And they guy goes, "No, I'm not giving you money."

Me: Ha ha, nah man, I don't want money

He cuts me off: No.... (Actually, I don't remember what he said he)

Me: I just came out to be social and I thought I would meet you guys

He sticks out his hand and I shake it and he says Well, good luck man (If you can't tell, he's being a total jerk)

Me: All right, well thanks! Have a good night!

Him: Yeah

Ha ha ha... so after being reported to the cops, the next set I go up to thinks I want money and when they discover I'm just being social, I'm dismissed immediately.

The girls who were with Jerk_handshake_man were actually liking me and they were mad that he was being such an asshole, but the funny thing is... none of it really shook me that bad...

With the cop, I learned a cool lesson about stepping up and demanding that people be normal and not weird anti-social douches, and with the jerk, I realized that I can still keep my state up relatively well, even when someone's being an asshole... or at least I did tonight.

So, I'm walking back to my car again... it's like 4 blocks away, and half-way there I see these two hispanic girls. One ugly, one cute, taking pictures of what looks like the stoplight... or something... so I say to them, "Ah! You can't tell you guys are tourists at all!"

Ugly one: No! We're actually not, but it's so beautiful.

Me: Oh, yeah... it's nice, but that's interesting you're taking pictures of the stoplight...

And we just chatted for a while... maybe 3-4 minutes... I was like, "Are y'all sisters?" B/c they sort of looked alike, and turns out the ugly one was the mother! Ha ha ha... and the mother was asking me TONS of questions like, "Are you from here? Where do you go to school?" And a few other rapport questions... it was interesting... I really wanted to talk to the daughter, but the mother was hogging the conversation, and I should have just started talking to the mother about how cute her daughter was and just gone direct hardcore, now that I think about it...

Damn. That's why I do these posts. I really think these posts are such a key to getting good. Because it helps you analyze and break down what happened, and what I can do differently next time. I mean, I can see myself getting good without it, but I know posting about what happens each night is going to REALLY be crucial in learning this stuff quickly.

So, to summarize the lessons from the night:
1. Step up and say what's on your mind and what in your heart and gut or someone might call the cops.
2. Follow your gut. If you're thinking something, say it. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Who cares if I ruin an interaction while pursuing what I want? If I don't risk it, I'll lose it anyways!

If I don't risk losing it, I've already lost it.
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