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So, tact is important. That's one thing I've learned.

Situation is important.

This is real life. We're dealing with real people.

And sometimes it's easy to forget that.

Now I'm not saying that I'm going to start being a fucking chode and not write what I feel and think and want. That's gay.

What I AM saying is that this blog REALLY offended my x-girlfriend, and... I just want to state that I am sorry for that. One part of me hopes she doesn't read it any more, but the other part of me is like, well, I'm being as honest as I can right now. With her. With myself. And if she doesn't like me for me then we shouldn't hang out.

I'm hanging out with her tomorrow. I can't wait.

Went out tonight. It was fun. Got a wrong number, ha ha.

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It is true. My venue change was to Wal-Mart where we bought pizza rolls, wine, and bananas before coming back to my apartment.

This one was bound to happen. On the one hand, I kind of "got lucky" with a girl that may have been trying to go home with anyone reasonable that night. On the other hand, I've been going out regularly, my confidence is phenomenal, and my game was solid... so I'll give myself some credit.

She was about a 5.5... which is actually exactly average on 1-10. (Most people don't realize that.) Practice makes perfect though... and it was still fun and she was intelligent and do-able and... I know I can get these girls SNL now, so it's time to start moving to the cuter ones. Really time.

It's funny because I met her shortly after I had made what seemed like a strong connection with an extremely tatooed, mildly attractive plump girl in the club who was SUPER attracted to me and had actually invited me on her camping trip this weekend. I told her I was seriously considering going, which at the time I kind of was. I gave her my number, danced with her on the dance floor, tried for the makeout ealier and she said "not in public"... I was intending to get back up with the first girl, but... she left me alone.

And when a girl leaves me alone... sometimes they lose me to another girl. I'm a slut. What can I say.

I approach an exrtremely attactive girl who's got some sort of lady ga ga hair thing going on, but less creepy and more fuckable. I've got my arm around her and tell the people surrounding her that she's my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes, and one girl goes, "Hey, I'm taking her home tonight!" And I was like, "No, I'm taking her home tonight!" And this went on for several seconds back and forth.

Let's call the girl who was (play) fighting over my girl PizzaRoll--Partly because she wasn't as skinny as I prefer them, partly because she wanted pizza rolls later on in the night.

So LadyGaGa walks away and we're both left there looking at each other.

"Oh, you're kinda cute!" (to her)
Her: You're kinda cute too.

Actually, I think there was a little more banter beforehand, something about a tug of war and a long rope-like penis, but I don't recall it exactly. I met her friend called "L," and upon my inquiry of the meaning of his monicker, he simply responded, "Don't worry about me, mon." This went over well, since he was actually, most likely, Jamaican. Whenever I asked him anything about himself, he responded in a similar fashion.

All right, so we're making out, bantering, making verbal love, and she's like, let's go sit somewhere! Ha ha, thx for the easy venue change.

She was looking to get laid, no question... not sure if it was me that caused her wanting to get laid so bad or her. Probably both of us, which is, when I think about it, the way it always is... isn't it? It's funny how good girls are at game naturally... I mean, I doubt that she was thinking, "Ok! Now I'll venue change him..." Right? Ha ha...

But OTOH, idk, ha ha, maybe she knows game. (no)

So after a while of making out on a sofa beside the dance floor, she's like, "Let's get out of here." ha ha, ok.

I'm remembering now that before we went inside to the sofa, we had already talked about going back to my place. I told her I would serenade her on the guitar, and asked her if she liked wine. ---my standard lay game..

So, we closed our respective tabs (I only had 2 beers) and went out of the club. Hand in hand, arm in arm, keeping up a lot of physical contact, as I have remembered to do from some pick-up posting somewhere... also, it just felt natural.

When we get to my car she says, "You have to drive me home in the morning though, ok?" ..."Ok :D"

So we're vibing in the car, and when we get to my exit she's talking about how much she would love some pizza rolls, and I was like, well... "Wal-Mart is right here.."

On the way to Wal-Mart, I say, "I'm going to make sweet, passionate love to you." She says, "Good."

So we went there, picked up wine, pizza rolls, and some groceries for me, then continued the adventure to my apartment.

My rooomates are awake. "Hey guys, this is my friend PizzaRoll."

I had her put her things in my room, and we went back and forth a couple times from kitchen to room making-out intermittently in both places.

Making up little reasons for coming to my room always made it super smooth to come back here... "Have you heard of Magnetic Man? You gotta hear this song."

I love I Need Air by Magnetic Man, btw.

So... yeah, not even any LMR, really. After we ate the pizza rolls I played her my newest song on the guitar, we drank some wine, and when she got in bed she took her jeans off and I took off my shirt and jeans.

Turned her on muchly, and then fucked her good. :D

Girls love dirty talk, and so do I.

Drove her back to her car this morning.. maybe a little awkward, I guess, since she was drunk last night... Idk.. she had a bad hangover. We hugged goodbye and I told her to come out to trivia night sometime.

Good times.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to leave a comment, question, or reply!
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For the first time in 6 weeks, I will not have gone out 5 times this week.

But it was for a good cause. I took me 8 full hours to complete an 8 page research paper, complete with 3 sources.. ha ha, not that many but I just didn't want to wait any longer to get it done and as long as I get an 80 or higher, I'm good with it.

Graduatin' in 2 and a half weeks. College, the bane of my soul, will be over for me. Thank. God.

Couple things I've been thinking about today:

Short-term pain towards goals = long-term satisfaction surrounding goals
Always go for it. Always. If you want pussy, don't be one.
He who hesitates masturbates.

Also, I realized I insulted my professor, and I think it's because I have a lot of respect from my classmates, and I disapprove of the way in which our professor grades us, and the professor can sense my critical attitude and the influence it has on the class, and it really pissed her off.

I didn't really mean to do that. She's a good person. But I did talk with her for about 20 minutes how I respected her, and I was sorry for coming across as disrespectful, but it was really important for her to understand that the most intelligent people in the class (the ones I've talked to and myself included) feel like she does not listen to us and is unfair on her tests. There's a huge disparity between what seems like will be on the test versus what actually has been on her tests... and that feels like she doesn't care about us somehow.

Anyways, at this point, I've written an 8 page research paper, and I'm in type-y mode, so I'm going to go to sleep before I type a book.

God bless America.

P.S. For real, if you're reading this right now, go ahead and leave me a comment!!! I want to hear your opinion!!! 
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 It stands for Character Building Night. We used to call days where you'd go out and do 5 presentations and not sell anything character building days, or CBDs. I just had a CBN.

But hey... I did lots of approaches in lots of mixed sets. Got one number that may be pretty solid. I'm def going to follow up on it hard. Cute Korean chick :D Really cute, actually.

This game is not about what you say. It's about what you feel when you're saying stuff. And it's about going for what you want without hesitation.

I've got to push harder.. I've got to challenge myself more. I've got to follow up on my phone numbers better and freaking start closing. I mean, I do inevitably challenge myself at least a little bit every night. I just do. It's a habit. I can't not challenge myself.

And it's a process. It takes patience. But damnit, I'm going to be the best at this, no matter how long it takes.

This was the sixth week I've gone out 5+ nights in a row, 2 or 3 of those weeks I went out 6 times and one week 7 times. It's just something I do. It's part of my life, my daily routine.

This next week is going to be challenging b/c I've got so much school stuff to do... really just one big paper. Maybe I'll just knock it out Monday night... ha ha.. Idk, it's a beast. Research paper... Whatever, I'll get it done and still get my nights in somehow. I've just GOT to start working on it Monday night if I want to go out Wednesday night (It's due Thursday).

Wow, I missed my ex like crazy today. I fucking miss that girl. I want her back. It's tough. But OTOH, I never would have been having the amazing experiences I'm having now if were wouldn't have broken up, so, it is what it is.

I think I'm going to try to talk to her again and see if we can see each other once a week.

Am I a total chode for doing that? Anybody else had that conflicting interest where you LOVE a girl, but you also LOVE going out and getting new ones? And the girl wants ALL of you, but you just can't give her more than 1 or 2 nights a week...

Let me know your thoughts!
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Yeah, I met two cuties dressed like Kesha tonight. Fun.. Actually just approached their table and sat down, engaged, hooked, moved to a different spot still outside but in a different area, talked for 10 or 15 minutes, then proceeded to Venue change to a different club but when I got there it was $20 to get in for me and I just sent them off saying yall have a good time and got their facebooks. They live in a different city far away though.. I saw them an hour or so later outside of the bars, and I just went up and chatted with them for a minute. They were asking the security guy where a restaurant was..

When I think about it, I should have just pushed it a lot harder. I mean, I had some physical shit going on, whatever, tried to hold the hotter one's hand and she was like, Oh, I have boyfriend... And then I started to hit on the other one more... ha ha..

But I really should've just tried to pull them. I just gotta keep pushing it more. I really don't know why I didn't try. Mental barrier of some kind, I guess. Or just used to not going for the pull, more likely, and I just fell into that habit.

Also, really, really hottt girl who rolled in with a guy friend, and he was away when I first met her and I went pretty hard on her. When she introduced me to her guy friend she was like, "This is dejavu, he's fucking really cool." Ha ha... it's so nice to finally be introduced properly instead of the creeped outness I used to create.

Ok, fine, I still creep girls out sometimes... just not as much ha ha ha

Ok, fine. I'm a total creep. lol, nah, not really, but I'm def willing to totally creep a girl out.

That was a big realization for me, Be willing to completely creep her out by doing what you think/feel you want to do. Of course, I'll creep out the odd girl, but really, I get much better results by just going for it...

Anyways, I'm digressing.

Facebook is so lame. I want ass. Not fucking facebook friends. Ha ha..

Also, I should have tried harder with the hottie with the guy friend. I was just chilling a bit more tonight since I was around a lot of people I knew and really liked and... idk.. I still approached in front of them, I just didn't go for the WIN.

Any thoughts on what I could have done better to push forward these two interactions with the Kesha girls and the hottie with guy friend?

Also, any thoughts on hitting on girls with guy friends that you don't know for sure if it's their boyfriend or not, but they seem like they're together...

Thanks for the comments!
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I don't even know which week it is. I just know I've been doing it since I broke up with the gf.

And I just wanted to do a super short posting about how, yeah... my confidence is through the motherfucking roof and it's only been 5 weeks.

Holy god this is amazing. 
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And... What can I say? It's amazing.

I kissed a girl tonight and almost forgot about it. Then I realized it was the same girl that said she didn't want to dance because she was with her boyfriend tonight. lmfao. It may be true or not, but she went up to this big guy and seemed like it was her boy. Idk.. He was very close when we were dancing and kissing.

"No Thank You!" "I'll pass, ladies!" "Good try though!" This is really fun to say loudly when you're getting blown out.

 I'm seeing a ridiculous surge in my confidence and communication skills. I'm flowing a lot more. Girls talk to me longer. Hotter girls talk to me. I get more numbers. More makeouts.

Buttt... I'm still working on these fucking SNLs and stuff... I know a lot of instructors talk about not to care about it too much and to follow up... so, I really need to start making Sun and Mon nights my D2 nights.. I've just gotta remember to call my girls on Sun afternoon and schedule this shit!

It's been 5 weeks since I've gotten laid. But whatever. The fury is building. And causing certain blockages...

But I'm enjoying the process. I'll eventually get laid. I just gotta follow up with my damn numbers and keep on going out. Ha ha :D

Success is hard work, but it's damn simple.
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 Looks like I'll be a host for trivia nights here in my city, possibly getting into sales part time and then full time as I graduate.

Fuck yeah! This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, so I'm obviously, delighted.

I've just been doing the right things. It's tough. It produces some anxiety. I get nervous. My heart beats fast. I get scared. It's been a month now though of going out 5+ nights/week, and... this might get harder to keep up or whatever, but it really doesn't even feel like work! I'm just enjoying myself and having such an amazing time expanding my comfort zone almost every night of the week...

I'm really enjoying my life, and it looks like it's going exactly where I want it to right now... fucking crazy, right?!

I mean, how many people can really say that about their lives?

I'm so grateful.

Also, because of the "interview" as an MC and stuff tonight, I'm counting tonight as a night out since I did technically go to a bar and clearly stepped out of my comfort zone (a bit), so... yeah. Looks like I'm going out 7 times this week, baby!

I've never done that be4.

Fun, exciting, uncertain, thrilling times lie ahead of me.

For life.
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It's funny how trying to get blown out actually makes the set BLOW the fuck open sometimes. Or at least it did tonight.

My friend was out of state, and I was in a pretty good state, and he didn't want to approach this 3-set of all chicks, so I just said I'm gonna go do it and get blown out, but you have to do one after this. He's like, "ok." Ha ha..

So I go there and basically just scream "aaaaaahhh parrtty ahhhh yeahahhhh partytyyyyy" right in their faces--and they're like, "Yeahhhhhh! parttyyyyy yeahhhhhh" right back to me. To the point that they were mirroring exactly what I was doing ha ha ha! So that was a really cool experience.

Danced with one hottie for a while who had fishnet forearm sleeves.. after dancing with them for a while I said, "Let's go outside" and grabbed her hand, so we all went outside (my friend and I with the two girls in tow). Turns out later on that the girl actually is living with her boyfriend of over 2 years. I hit on her A LOT. Like, while we were talking I'd just have my arm around her and be holding her hands a lot... eventually we or they floated off and I wasn't going to pursue it anymore knowing she had a boyfriend, but my friend got the other girl's number and he told me I should number-close my girl. I was thinking that it was going to fail, mostly because of the whole boyfriend situation, but I had built some solid rapport/a lot of comfort,  we'd talked for 20 minutes or so, so I just went for it and she gave me her number. Ha ha... we'll see what happens, idk.

I'm excited about a D2 I've been talking to this one girl about tomorrow. I saw her originally at Waffle House at like 3am and told her she was cute, chatted for 30 seconds and that was it, but I saw her the NEXT day on campus and we talked for about 45 minutes during the day moving around a few times, and she even skipped part of her class to keep talking to me. She's Russian, which I find really hot, and just a cutie, so I hope this meet-up goes down tomorrow. :D

Did a few hard sets tonight. Mixed ones with guys coming in like, "Do I know you?" And shit like that. I'm still not completly solid on handling AMOGs or whatever, but I just normally try to befriend them and go from there..

Ha ha, one of my main lines tonight was, "Listen. I'm trying to creep out as many girls as possible tonight. How am I doing so far?" And I'd kind of motion from me to the girl with a mischievous look in my eyes Ha ha... that shit was fun.

All righty then.

Nighty then.
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Wow! So no hook-up, but she came back first to one house 10 minutes from the original venue, and then followed my friends and I in her car 20 more minutes away to his house!

I met her at the concert, actually borrowed her cell phone cuz mine didn't have service, and just started talking, did some mild attract stuff and she started asking questions, so bam.. Honestly, she wasn't that hot IMO, although my friend thought she was gorgeous, ha ha... just goes ta show...

I didn't even kiss her cuz of my fucking cold sore that's almost gone now, but there was some ass and boob grabbing as I was saying goodbye to her. Stupid cold sore, ha ha..

I didn't even get her number cuz it was out of town and really, again, I just didn't think she was THAT hot. She was hot enough to pull but not to keep pursuing so... w/e.
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