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It's true.

I'm fucking money, and I know it because I work hard. Almost 3 months straight going out at least 5 nights a week. But I'm realizing how I've been holding back. I was getting drunk for a lot of that. Not all, but a lot. Also, if my friends wanted to leave early, then I'd go with them almost every time.

I have different goals in this than they do. I will be in the elite.

And for that I am willing to pay the price.

Also.............ha ha ha, this is fun, so, I'm not trying to get too serious. But yeah, your mind/my mind plays tricks. Almost every single night before I go out I find myself trying to come up with excuses, or to get drunk. I still go out, but then when I'm out I still look for excuses........... fuck themmmm!!!!!!!!

So, I'm not upping it to 7 nights a week or anything, but I will stay until the clubs close/they kick me out, which here is fuckin 2am OR until I pull each night. Also, no more "trying to find a party" when it's not solid.

I can party on Sunday or Monday. Tues-Sat, I am OUT!!!!

I just finished "palming" btw. I'm doing that at least 30 min a day now for my eyesight to get better. It turns out the FDA and MANY other governmental organizations (like the media) don't want you to know about natural principles of health, and you can actually re-learn to see naturally. I'm down from a -3.5 in each eye to -2.00 in each eye. And since vision is a reflection on general nervous system health, memory health, and possibly kidney and liver health and balance with nature........... I'm feeling GREAT about my improvements.

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