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The one who get laid are willing to not have the girl like them. They are willing to arouse "scary"/bad emotions in the girl. They are willing to arouse emotions like anger and hate and annoyance. They don't give a fuck if the girl likes them or not. Of course, they want the girl, and it would be nice if the girl liked them, but it's more important that they truly express themselves and amuse themselves and have fun and feel the emotions THEY want to feel than for the girl to have a "good time" or what seems like "a good time." Because actually, the whole time the girl is being aroused emotionally in some way, being led by the man, she will want to fuck that man.

That's something I observed and was reinforced tonight at a house party. I stayed for a long time...

It was nice, I made out with one girl that I've known for several months and never done anything with... she's seen me with my ex, seen me kiss my ex when we were still together... and it's funny I deleted her number once and just so happened to text her back and discover it was her. Well... I guess I'll be hanging on to this number for a little while longer to see what happens.

Also... even though making out was nice............ I want to get my dick wet.
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