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Wow. Be careful of making a vow............... honestly, I broke mine. I thought I'd be able to commit to two years of seven nights/week but I just wasn't ready for it. I cracked.

And I went back with my ex for just over a month. It ended today. I can't not go out at this point in my life, I just need to pace myself a little. 5 nights a week is plently. 6 is working hard. 7 is a true challenge when done several weeks in a row. Anyways, I went out tonight. Just like I'll keep going out 5 or 6 nights a week from now on. I'm not pressing myself to 7 nights at this point. I'm sure I will one day, just not now.

3 approaches. Ok................. one 3 minute or so convo, 1 almost kiss ha ha. I told her that I played the violin and I would serenade the shit out of her. She liked that. And finally, one girl who remembered my name and kept saying it over and over. Hmm, ok.

It was a short night, partly cuz it's damn cold tonight (gotta get some of that thermal underwear), and partly cuz I really just wanted to do 3 approaches and kind of warm up. Like a workout after being sick for a while or something.

Tomorrow night's gonna be fun ;) 
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