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And we don't see with only our eyes.

I've been improving my vision lately, and it's involved a process of getting in touch with my emotions, feelings, and other sensations in my body.

I'm excited about doing this "love letters" exercise I found in one of my vision books that was taken originally from the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I haven't read it, but it is now on my list, as this execise seems to be amazingly valuable. I can already anticipate the emotional release.

I'm probably pre-gamin tonight before heading out. My friend has liquor, so I'm inviting several people over before we go out. He's got a girlfriend now, it seems, so it's a little sad on the one hand, as we're not going to be exactly on the same page like before, but I'm also really happy for him.

I might be sseing my ex tomorrow or the next day.......... I'm interested to see how that will be.

I want to start going out Mondays as well now. I'm feeling the difference in the consistent going out, staying until 2am with no alcohol, and I'm feeling myself become more centered each day. It comes through my eyes.

It's only been 3 months since I've been consistently going out 5 nights a week at least, so I can barely imagine how good I'll be in 9 months from now.
I love this fucking game so much.

The changes right now are subtle. I haven't gotten laid in about a month, so on the one hand it's like, wtf, where are the results? But on the other hand, I can feel the steady improvement, and I KNOW the results are inevitable.

I do want to get laid soon though, ha ha. :D

Here's to a great night, and to beautiful women! 
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