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Wow. 5 nights last week no alcohol and stayed until 2am!

7 makeouts, 6 number closes, 1 day2 set up so far.......

I need to go through all my numbers today.... and try to set some stuff up. I've been thinking about setting up a spreadsheet or something ha ha. It gets tedious going through all my contacts every time I'm looking for my numbers from girls.

But anyways, Friday night probably my favorite "validation" approach of the week: A sexy redhead opened me, trying to promote her DJing event, and I just made solid eye-contact and she started saying omg, you're so sexy, you're so hot. She was staring into my eyes holding her stomach, saying I was making her feel so amazing. So I gave her a hug and then we kissed, she said, "here, take me number, too."

One of the chillest interactions I've ever had with a girl, causing so much attraction it was incredible. The self is always coming through........... I've been thinking about that so much this week. Saying shit I might not normally say, worrying WAY less about what I'm saying because I know that either way, whether I'm feeling good or bad, whether I'm trying to project a certain image or not, it doesn't matter because what I'm feeling inside and who I REALLY am deep down is going to come through.

And when I don't try to hide that at all, when I embrace who I am and move beyond my flaws, when I offer my masculine strength to the girl in a playful way, inviting her into my world, she can't not be attracted.

So, I may take a day or two off from the clubs, today and tomorrow. I don't force myself to go out more than 5 nights a week.

Last night was the closest I've come in a long time to not going out, and that would have sucked so much. I'm so glad I have a good friend that goes out wth me every night and last night he pushed me to go out.

I had a 20-30 minute conversation with one girl last night who kept on testing me SO hard, partly because I was a bit wobbly on my state, I think. The funny thing about that is that when I AM wobbly on my state, it's almost like I NEED the tests to put me into state. Obviously, it's not that I NEED them, but they help me get into state faster, as I pass the tests and begin to have more fun. It's just another way that attraction begins to become the norm when I'm around girls, because they will inevitably test you when you go for what you want, aka hitting on them. So........ damn, this shit is getting more and more fun every day, and I just love it so much, I can't believe it's only been 3 months since I've been going out 5 nights a week consistently.

In another 3 months from now.............. Mhh. Shit is cool.

The key to all this? Consistently going out. Humilty to admit there might be a better way of doing things when shit isn't working, and the audacity to push my comfort zones and go for what I want.

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