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Cool way to start out my two-year committment, for sure.

She's not my first pick, but she had style. A 5... But hey, you gotta celebrate the small successes, too, right?

I had actually met her maybe 5 months ago at the same venue, we had exchanged numbers. She had seen me making out with another girl and acted really pissed because I had unsuccessfully tried to make out with her 10 minutes or so beforehand...

So she knew I was a whore. A respectably successful man whore.

We exchanged numbers again, since we had both deleted each other, and I got a text from her at 2:03am: "What are you doing tonight?"

Called her when I left the club, and invited her to my place. She said I should come to hers, so I did.

And we made love.

Way to "Christen" my two-year committment. Also, I wrote a couple days ago that I was getting laid this week for sure, so whaddya know?
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