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Approached nervous, but it hooked solid and later I told her she was my (RAVE) girlfriend for the night. ----She said, "Ok, you're my (RAVE) boyfriend." I never even kissed her but we were so in love ha ha. I should have, now that I think about it.

However, another girl I fell in love with last night kept staring into my eyes (right back, of course) and wouldn't stop saying how hot and sexy I was (ha ha, I want to say AM right there not was). Anyways, two number closes, already talked to the RAVE gf afterwords last night, she had left early and gone to a different city already so no pull there.

Also, I lost the other girl ha, but still it was an awesome time. This last week I stayed until 2am every night without drinking either, so....... basically I learned about twice as much this week probably as I learned the past 2 weeks.

And tonight is Saturday, bitches. Motherfuckin' Saturday ha!

This no drinking thing is actually so rewarding because you aren't numbed to the BRILLIANT sensations of pleasure that come from the "risk-taking" and the general experience of being with beautiful girls. Of course, without alcohol, it's true that there's more sensation on rejections as well, but whatever. The rejections don't really hurt after a certain point. They kind of become non-existent in a way.

All that exists is fun and boobs. ha ha, not really but....... yeah, sort of ;) 
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