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Still consistent. 1 lay in the past 5/6 weeks, that's something, cool. Congratulations me.

Sometimes it's tough for us who aren't AMAZING out in the field because we hear about how amazing the best people are, without reminding ourselves that they went through TONS of shit before getting there.

Remember, it took Tyler/Owen 8 months to learn how to hold a 3-minute conversation.

Don't be too hard on yourself (I'm saying this to me as much as anyone) b/c if you're GOING FOR IT, consistently and EARNESTLY, in other words, you're not just PRETENDING/looking like you're going for it, but you really do want it to happen and put your personality and balls on the line, then progress is inevitable.

I need to start writing more field reports after my nights out. I need to go back to that, I think it really helped.

I invited a girl back last night to smoke hookah (great way to get girls back, IMO). She said no, but still, I asked. I went for it, ha ha. She was HOT too. No more of that fatty shit, ha ha.

Going to a rave on Saturday. I LOVE raves. And the beautiful girls that come to them.
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