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So, the biggest thing on my menu right now is balancing my work and going out. Other than those 2 things, I only need about 2 and a half hours MAX to work out, read, and do my relaxation/meditation activities. I broke up with my ex for good. It was the first time I'd broken up with her in person as opposed to the telephone or whatever.

Sometimes I think about writing here and I know that she knows I have this blog and she might go on the site to see what I'm doing and it stops me from blogging, but I don't even care anymore.

It's been two weeks solid back in the game, 6 nights last week, 5 this week. I'm running my best sets ever, doing my best approaches ever. I haven't gotten laid yet, but I did pull Thursday night, and I've been getting numbers and makeouts too fast to keep up with (almost).

I love the game. I also love what money buys me. I love working out and eating right and reading and doing my relaxations/mediations, but those things don't consume much time.

I'm signed up for the Hotseat in Atlanta in June, and I can't fucking wait!

I just have to figure out a balance between work and going out.... I want it all. I want to be rich & I want tons of hot girls. Hmmmmmm....... I also want 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night, at least until my vision clears up... which may be a few more months.

Help!!! I've gotta figure this out. 
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