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My vibe is slowly changing. I'm becoming more and more centered, more confident.

I look at others and they look back at me with more questions than I have.

I can't wait to go out sober tonight.

I can't wait to meet more girls, to get more in the zone, to feel all the ups and downs of the night.

It's less and less about the results now, and more about the act of doing it that I love. Not that results don't matter, because they do! Results are cool little markers on the journey to remember how far we've come. You hook up with a new girl, you lose a girl, you try an edgy line and watch the mayhem run its course...

Going out is almost like a way to cheat the system and cram more life experience into our short existences. That's why when you go out for only 6 weeks you can already see a massive increase in your skill levels, especially when you're newish.

Even though last year I went out 5 days a week for 8 months out of 12... and this year I've skipped 3 and a half months, but gone out virtually every other night other than that 3 month gap, I still feel like a newbie in many ways. I'm finally un-learning so many bad habits I'd picked up. My reaction time is decreasing.

I hesitate less.

My eye-contact is even more solid.

I lead more.

A typical night for me usually looks like me making out with a two or three girls, getting two or three numbers, and having usually one 30-45 minute interaction with a really cool girl.

I think my main "sticking point" right now would just be meeting up with these girls in a setting conducive to leading to sex.. I just need to invite them out with me. Blamo. Not rocket science.

It's funny to watch the nerdy weirdos out at parties or in the club or wherever and see him trying so hard and realizing that I was that guy a year and a half ago. I want to help him out so bad... and also, I want to get the hell away from him haha.

But I'll try to write more FRs here, more insights more often.
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