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Thursday night: Pull, kiss, already set up our next date

Friday night, makout, number, already talking about smoking hookah together

Saturday night, Makeout/sex with clothes on, number, and..... she's 17 ha ha ha so I'm not following up on that one. HOT FUCKING UNDERAGE girl, zomg lmao

Anyways. That's what I've been up to. I think I'm back up to the best I've been ever so far. I've been going out consistently, and that has been the KEY to all my success.

Today was a nice day getting some things in order, thinking about my life and re-centering with my goals:

Income goal by July 2012 = $1000/week
Short term goals are sticking with my budget, paying off my small debts, building a savings buffer and then taking a goddam bootcamp already.

$3000 in my savings account and then I'll go. But before that, I've got to have at least that small buffer, man.
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