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Watched this video from Julien.

Towards the he talks about STOP focusing on getting good emotions (ie. seeking validation) and instead focusing on the practicle side.


I had a little success lately (a very smooth and chill interaction by AlexRSD's book - first time I actually tried NOT TO KISS in a club. It was with a 20-year old pharmcy student who turned out to be a virgin on the lay-date) and I guess was getting far too outcome dependant.

That's why my interactions have been heavily geared towards cracking jokes ie. button pushing and getting girls to laugh and make me feel good.

18 year old @ SandintheCity - Too much cockyfunny and self-amusement; too much horny touchy vibe. Should have focused on being real in the moment and qualifying and getting her to invest. We made plans to go for a cruise in the car and hangout on Sunday (today). She sent the typical flaky polite autoresponse text messages.

First my wing and I were like "fuck this immature shit. This girl has got no integrity."
But know I can understand.
It's about me being miscalibrated - being to physical when we bumped into each other at the bar and not giving her the necessary amount of comfort and trust she needed to feel safe.

Tall Austrian Airlines "cabin attendant" @ Volksgarten - Again got lost in "getting the good emotions" - We had quite an extended conversation for a place like Volksgarten - Vienna's premier high-end Club where most high-heeled girls have an attention span of only 20 seconds. Hence, I was really surprised, felt validated and got hooked on cracking jokes, push-pulling. In that sense however, it went so well that she didn't leave even when her 2 friends went off to the dancefloor. She was so aroused by my jokes that she was hitting my lap all the time. She actually accidentally hit my balls at one point ;) (She was a full head taller than me so I sat up on the bar)

Should have focused more on building comfort and getting to know her as a real person. Less YOU-IT and more YOU-ME conversation!
Next time - at least say "it was great fun talking with you" and go for a number just for the sake of being a CLOSER!

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