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Your views How to Rate girls? PUA help needed.

Something I have been thinking of for a while and it has always been playing on my mind. My rating system as we all know we rate HB from 1 to 10 mincingly depending of there looks at a split second glimpse in to their frame. The issue I have been contemplating and defining the question. How can you judge a potential interaction based on only visual feedback and not only that but create an emotional response based on the self created feedback (approach Anxiety)? I was told to love the inner person not the looks, which has resulted in my life being filled with less socially attractive women and now that I have come to address this issue I find it hard compute a rational program for female pre pick up evaluation.

As men we have to get to know a woman before we can judge if she can be a potential mate, If this is so then the pick up is a process to overcome the outer shield and meet the real person to then evaluate if she is compatible. Coming full circle with this in mind the aim of cold approach pick up is the rate a potential mate. All pervious HB’s status is irrelevant and will only serve to confirm your chode, compound your foul beliefs and further the approach set back. Does this then mean a blanket approach is required? To not give a fuck between the hottest girl and the ugliest girl whatever that means. Can anything be true in field?
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Awesome F
DAY 1 one was a success, I called my numbers and created a full week of social interactions. The week goes as follows.
When I took this challenge I though I would be in Nightclubs for 30 days. I could not be more wrong, the process is to Game for 30 days straight or as you like being social. I have already closed on Monday with some extra morning loving baby...Yeah. The Game has changed my whole life.
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Awesome F
My challenge is to spend the next 30 days in field. I must find an event everyday to attend and complete a set of tasks creating a set of rock solid foundations build on truth. Tips and Hints welcome as I will be in field out without any material or wing man. Challenges are also welcome.

Everyday I will post a field report. I also aim to record some of my interaction for feedback.

I will start on November 1st 2010 counting down from day 30. I am both scared and excited. Wish me luck. 

Awesome Forest
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Awesome F
This is it...........I have been putting off posting for some time,  Thank you all for your contributions to the game. Now lets turbo charge.

Hello Fellow RSD fans, 

I am Awesome F, I once was so awesome I did not even realise it. My story is as most with a twist I like fat girls, I spent most of my life floating from low self esteem girls or single while my friends got all the girls to my amazement. I was the fa outcast, the friend...the best friend.
The Girl that did it I was with for 5 years, engagement rings and family planning the lot. My world fell apart when the girl I settled for dumped me out of blue and for no apparent reason. I could not believe it and to make matters worst she kick me out of the house and sin of sins slept with my brother……...Yep you heard right. (soul destroying)

Anyway I went through my demons and 6 months later, 3 grand in debt I decided to sort my shit and never be victim to my lack of self worth. The irony is I realise now I use to be a some what of natural (ish), however I had no idea what I was doing, or how to be consistent enough to pull Mrs Awesome. Before the ex I was in my 1st year of University with the aim to sleep with as many girls as would let me. This is before Project Hollywood and all that,.I found some PUA forums, read the art of seduction and created a jealousy bit completely by accident which pulled her in. The real factor was that none of the other girl would sleep with me from the fear of her getting wind. ( I heard this alot)

Fast forward now I need to reprogram or deprogram rather all this feline goulash that I though women wanted and reconnect with the awesome man inside. My quest is the load up Awesome  2.0, tuned social skills the reward of results. The aim to crate my bible of being awesome. Cultivating actual awesomeness in all areas of life. More that gaming girls………

With that said lets get to it.

I have dipped my toe in the water, reading bits from the superstars of Pick up. Going in field and getting moderate results, Now am going all in………

30 day (in field) challenge

My aim is to systematically self defeating beliefs about in field game.
Gain confidence in entering any social gathering
Always be closing….its always on.


Awesome F
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