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 The 30 days days come to an end with some life changing realisations and the further peel back of pick up. Towards the end of the month I started to slow down with going out with the multitude of people I have been hanging out with. Without further ado the Results:

The end of Awesome 30 Days of pick up:

The Girls: - Summary
Went out pulled a few girls, did loads of day 2’s ect… it’s not important anymore its fun. I was selling myself short before. a new level of awesomeness has been created. Some real Zen stuff . I am me, girls who like feeling good like me. We have sex….done,

Fitness: -
I Ran my 1st 10K non stop at a time of 58 minutes which is really for for a beginner and I could not have done it with the Forum and a 10 mind set. Now I have a bench mark to get me out of the chode mind set anytime.

Work: -
I translated the mind set to the work environment with great successes. If you treat your job like a HB how would you approach, attract, seek, take her out ect...I had some hard questions to ask and I now have a reason to live after some dark moments. Giving up on life.

Findings: To be good at game I have to be clear at want I want in life. Its not nice breaking hearts and turning girls into stalkers wanting sex all the time. Plus I have to know what I need. If I work out the why the how makes it self. Christmas is going to be great.

Rules: No unnecessary gaming, High standers reap high rewards.
Personalities rule, You can’t fuck a personality
We are all equal there is no spoon, Non of it is real.
Have fun...girls will come.
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 Int; Glory Bar – 5.30 after work drinks

I have made huge gains with inner game this week and the realisation that change is not slow and learning is not slow. Its fast...super fast. The associations you built up negative or positive, the connections I have made it Happened at great speed. The chemical process develop and such. Its scary simple and the tendency is to complicate. Bullshit is just that, reality is what you make it. Be honest with yourself the journey continues deeper into the rabbit hole.
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Day 17: Int; DVD shoot Retail store.............7.30 AM

I have been working on inner game hard over the past couple days I’ll post that later,

FR Time, This Morning I was invited to take part in a video shoot for the company training department. As I got there I was wet, cold and out of state. Then one of my old District Managers came in and gave me a hug and a smile. (*bling* game on). I naturally flirted away; and I remebered how good it feels to treat a girl to sexual emotions. I love it. Been a few days.

I said a few choice thing s to get her state going and the result was she was so taken back she said to everyone
Manager: He getting me going this one
Awesome: Smiles and looked disinterested (right)
Awesome: Blah you know you look better with no makeup on, women like you don’t need it
Manger: o if i would have known

We flirt like this for a bit the she says its like we are a couple (o yeah really). We play this role in the DVD. Then she forgets where she is and starts acting like it a club. I ask her if she is coming to the Christmas party. We joke for bit....I am emilaing her now. It ABC


Awesome is F
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Awesome F
Subject: 1st night on the town - Field report

Ext: Night: Leeds Revolution Bar (All night)
Chek, Chode and Awesome (Me)

We had amazing night, I have never opened so may sets, So much happened, A couple of number closes and some Kiss closes.

The best bit was, Chek who was awesome all night. Had to go about 12:30 am leaving me solo and wingless. I started walking home and a HB 7 who was giving out flyers IOI'ed me so we talked for what seemed like ages which helped me get me back in state. Then Rodrigo from Big Brother clocked us and came over to chat. We talked for a bit then I left Nat to it. She works at Mission so its fine i know where to find her.

I kept walking home past Spoons and a 4 set grabbed me to watch one of them walk sexy. I told them the deal and I ended up walking back and taking 3 HB 9's and 1 HB 8 in the Bar all super hot. As soon as I got in I left them and pulled some other sets. I rolled on to a 2 set of girls looking bored. Opened with the prop and did my thing, faults timed them which then back fired because I could not fine the 4 girls i came in with. I left the 2 set for 10 mins while I hunted for more targets from the balcony. I decided to leave which is when I bumped into them again. I isolated the HB 7, bounced her to a dark corner and number closed her and then kissed closed her, told her its too fast and kissed her again. Then I left. She said it was an 11.

Awesome. Good 1st night out. I love this stuff.

F the Awesome........Its good when it’s great.
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Awesome F
Day 8: Int; Work .............mid afternoon,

This journey has taken turn and the challenges have come from left field more inner game. Looking back My overall goal or theme of last week was saying yes to life, yes to social interactions and closing. In balance I have notices the essence of this week is saying no. Taking command of my life. And I am normally up for anything but really doing what I want is something entirely, Need to balance my life to totally achieve my PUA goals. ( AHHHHHHHH lets go Deeep) I know I always do what I want its a choice. Now I must own that power and Focus it Like a Laser combing my will, focus and direction, unstoppable.
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Day 7: all day: - Interior bed.

November 7th 2010.
Me: I have been in bed since Friday night its now Sunday. No Sarge no women and calls nothing. Cancelled all weekend plans, flaked a few girls and friends really bad. I realised by girl 3 I did not like it. Not the sex the success, I have what I wanted. A different girl every-night, multiple avenues of closing. The Light still alludes I thought maybe I failed the challenge but no…. this is the challenge. Face the fear and go hard for thirty days. I have learned too much is too much. I still have a life which has to balance, I need rest days and real defined goals, The Game is more than getting chicks ...its my father to the fatherless, its my sport. The unwritten guide that no one showed me. I guess the realisation is No one owns you anything and equally YOU don’t own anybody anything. The world will give you nothing You take everything you need. (YOU Take) I’m still not comfortable with this, the conditioning goes deep. I’m a 10 why do I stop myself….self sabotage, ok so I freaked out. Imagine life with the breaks off…….
Here’s the plan, Get back on it hard. Break over. SMART Goals. Finish all my un-accomplished plans. Call all the people I flaked. Get a shower and eat…...The highs and lows eh….
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Awesome F
Day one: Morning: - Interior Awesome bedroom.
November 1st 2010.
Awesome F:
………..And so it begins , Thirty days of everything, Game, Tony Robinson's’ Personal Power and Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. 30 days of 30 approaches a day with a report on each interaction. I live in Leeds, England which has the 3rd biggest student population in the UK after Manchester and London. With a population of 715,402 and of which 369,648 are female. With 83,591 aged between 20 and 34. Leeds like most compact inner cites has many scenes and subcultures. I aim to be awesome in them all, learn the city and make it mine.

Today’s aim is to approach women and get information for the weeks activities of social gatherings. Rule always be closing. 30 girls everyday for 30 days. Simple no routines all natural. Stay in set until full extraction or full blow out.

Tools: Voice Recording device, Pen, Pad/dairy, Phone and super state.
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Awesome F
Day 4, Int, My bedroom, Night

After a mind shocking film Prem about the kings speech I met for my day 2 with Halo. Named so because of her Vaginal piercings. This last time I saw my biker girl she was all in black. Black jeans black shirt, black jacket and black hair o and nails too. You can understand my shock as she turned up dressed to the nines all transformed. This shit was amazing: White heals with black lace, tight blue jeans, a figure hugging green top covering a shocking red bra wrapped in wide black scarf. Hair done the lot. I was blown because I forgot how hot I looked and how I have upgraded my look. I mean this girl was dressing up for me....ME,

We did the deed and had fun biker chicks rock and are the best at head action ever. Its 4 days in and I have full closed 3 girls and I’m tired. Today’s realisation has been this, I am an 10....I AM A 10. Not on paper in life and its time I start owning that. Girls should want to dress nice for me I am the prize, they should make the effort I do everyday and now it has become my standard I stopped recognising that I have created a magnetizing persona.
Its activity time once a again. The weekend is here. 3 night of sarging whooooo! Bon fire night.

Awesome F.
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Awesome F
Day 3: Int; Work .............noon
Love making yeah.....I My 1st interaction was a Day2 the pick up from Friday which exceeded my expectations; She ended up demanding I take her home. My method is as follows and this is something I love doing and works all the time, The best way I find to build comfort it to do natural things inline with things she normally does, IE non date things. I met her then and told her had no plans other than a sofa, warm cup of tea and a conversation. We walked across town (something she does everyday = comfort) played a bit then I took her to my new day 2 location. We talked then kissed, hugged nice. I put her on a bus home and made a date to go back to hers after see my 2nd date. Abundance lifestyle Bamm!
2nd Day 2 the EX – she was running so I tried to cancelled as I will not just wait around, her excitement got me and I waited and got some food, I used to time to flake of the 1st girl as I know I was closing, She came we eat, went to hers......then bounced to mine. Done. Its strange I don’t even want it now. What’s next another Day 2 tonight another full close. Building to the 3 some,
Any ides on a strategy to pick up lesbians for a 3 some? I am going to hit the gay bars on the weekend to my comfort zone.
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Day 3 Int: work office Day
I through I was ready for the Challenge, I honesty through it would be going out thirty days. This process has forced me to calibrate some of the other areas of my life. Organisation, Management, In have unlocked new potential and nothing from before is fulfilling. I am sat at my Job itching to get back out there interacting and growing.
Day 2 report:
Proposed plan was to meet for a Day 2, however my landlord came round. We ended up having a right old chat about shares and oil prices which continued with a Wii party. I moved my Day 2 to Sunday with a few extras.
Results: I have become more social within my life as thing seem to be happening. My game has amped up as I learn from my interaction.
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