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I’m really upset. Not because I’m slowing drifting back into bad habits, not because I’ve been ill for 3 weeks and unable to have any sex, Not because my going out has dropped to almost zero. Not because my work mate got a secret pay rise, not even because my ex has a new boyfriend or the fact that I have negative money. Not even the fact I’m I am putting on weight and can’t workout, been putting in extra hours at the Job and my girls keep blowing, getting boyfriends or friend zoning me or worst porn has stopped working.

Months ago all that would off killed me by now. I have been constantly inputting information . Anything useful in the direction of my goals. Books, articles, Videos, DVDs, webinars. Audio tapes, friends even the weird guy at the bus stop. Some really funny stuff has happened now I am on my goals. However I am upset because I made an stupid mistake. I forgot the fundamentals I let the basics slip.

After everything, all the big plans, all the good advice, all the tips and tricks, it tis he little thing that gets you. The 5 minute Job that would have saved time, money stress, embarrassment and life. The good thing is it a tough lesson to learn and I am glad to have this pain to anchor this lesson. Otherwise I would be doom to repeat it like other mistakes in my life.

Learning check list - Use the feedback make adjustments.

Get the basics right
Anything that can go usually will go wrong and at the worst possible time. (Plan for it)
Follow the rules
Check and double check in enough time to fix any problems.
Get stuff done, never put off (you forgot) either choose to do or not do it.

I hope you fucking learned now, dumb ass.
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 Where are we now, I call it internalising. And the the difference between Knowledge and understanding and Knowledge and action. This week I have been applying the theories I have been immersing myself in lately.

I have been unknowingly applying some sheen-ology and had a 2 week unstoppable romp. All day at work, home and play. Not stop and in hindsight this was one of my long term goals to realign myself into 1 being aka Awesome. Work felt like the club and the club felt like work.

The new thing this week is women types, I realised I was amazing with one type of women and this has been an eruption. I through I was getting better and the blow out’s where because I was rubbish. It turns out that is true. But for a whole new reason. My friend gave me the Pandora Box’s knowledge.

So Far it making sense, Deep down I knew it,. Because we (humans) live in a communal constructed space build by social media, religion and advertise ect….the results will be a group of people that react and respond to certain ‘methods’ in similar ways. If you could see the whole and how the girl interacts with the whole same a night-club you can bend it to your will. IE: not seeing the Matix, using the Matrix. Its the difference between knowing and understanding and taking action upon that knowledge.

Unconscious I am always going towards my goals that I have unconsciously set. Now I have turned the bamboozling fool off and gained direction in my life, I have begun to ask deeper questions and grow reaping bigger rewards. Taking bigger risks and lossing more too. The formula is begging to emerge and I like it. Ratio…………...
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 I’m tired having so many beaking thoughts my head hurts. I realised now that I never wanted success with women, What I want is success in life and the girl is a part of that need.

Mastery of Life and the fundamentals of what makes me happy is the key to this whole thing ‘happiness’. When I say this I mean you will only the girl if you are happy. What ever it takes you to get there , that must be done. This maybe in the moment or in the long run.

Been spending time organising the goals and assessing my habits in regards to behaviours and adjustments in life skills. I always had the view that other people where keeping the secrets and I had no chance of success. I already have to plan, I know what it takes the problem is I will not allow myself to do the thing necessary to succeed.

Work to be done. re-associate bad habits, have an end goal in mind. Keeping aim at the target.

I'm so on its scary, its now a matter of time.


This happiness makes girls loose there shit.  Boo has his own facebook Page.
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What always struck me in Stargate SG1 was the suggestion of ascending. To evoke to a higher plane of being leaving the troubles of life. Most people see Sci fi on the surface with aliens, wormholes and action scenes a bit of escapism. I have always related this to the self improvement area of my being. That I always had a goal of conciseness. To be beyond all this reactivates or forcefulness, to just be comfortable in the world.

My head is constantly working it all out. Its going to that higher place. That real uncreative place. Like it really does not matter. Being over everything. It's tough to explain.

I was out shopping when I saw her, a curvy black girl, long hair ect, ect. Kind a cute but I did not want to talk to her, or pull her but I thought I should be able to because of this game stuff I felt Bad. Real AA. Later when I saw a girl I was attracted to I felt nothing but intent. I was empty of doubt, will this work, how will she feel, will I get rejected. Nothing. So I am working it out in my head recreating the connections.

For instance do We really want any girls when we go out or do we just enjoy chodeing with each other more that getting girls. I really eject to hang with my friends because it's more fun.

Like I said I'm in the calm place. Where I almost know what I want and Its calmness, non needy, A place where I am enough, without all the shit. To have a full cup. We know it’s the sub communication that is truly attractive. We need to get to a stage where we don't even want anything because what we have in enough. And they are extra. Get the glass full. Real men take girls for fun and nothing else. Enjoyment.

I know it not fully formed yet. The path is becoming clear.
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 Hitting Karaoke on a Friday night. 

With the Aim not to really not give a fuck, I spent the night evoking the aura of non fuck giving. I realised this during a singing lesson I had. Facing the fear of being judged in isolation is terrifying. AA is nothing compared to it, letting your core bare. I have been work beasting all week increasing my efficiency and workload, I knew tonight was going to be a push as I was been burning the candle at both ends. My wing was on a downer all day and I really wanted to go out. I spent the day challenging his state. 

I had the lesson then found my wing man and hit the Karaoke Bar. I walk in open the 1st set instantly. amazing we start singing, grinding, jumping. then I eject and open another set. boom, same cool and sexy time and then A guy grabs me and we start dancing and jumping and singing. By this point I'm so tired and really not caring so I high five and get a drink. Awesome intro entrance. Been relaxed and aroused loving it so much I starting caring that I was not caring I'm sure there is a name for it. ‘the Fuck it vortex’ (I own that now). I let go and let the night happen. My state was honest.

O I nearly forgot. We sung Kiss and I was owning the crowd, making eyes at the front row. I kept eye contact and kissed a girl during the chorus. not giving a fuck is great. I was not on, I was not off. I was me and it was AWESOME! 
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 Friend Zone.........

I have a love hate relationship with the friend zone. tonight I when round to see a friend I have been spending a lot of time focusing on work beasting, frame control and being head of the state. I realise now it has all be to get to a point. not god with game but to really not give a fuck. I know it makes sense to be content and honest with the world about who I am. But to really not give a fuck, deep to the core to know that the hot blonde turbo girl has no affect on my core is my true aim. I can fact it real good and lie, be a big pimp and go home and cry about all the shit I did. Its funny I am giving a fuck about not giving a fuck. Which leads me on the Friend zone. 

Tonight I spent the evening with a friend who is cute, Now i a very open person or normal as some would say. I went to see her with the aim of not giving a fuck and being real about my attention and intention. So we instanly get talking about all kinds of stuff, I notice i was talking with more passion and keeping eye contact. Hand movements and all the stuff I have been field testing, The vibe had changed in a good way. I still would like to but I really enjoyed being real friends and not trying to bed her. one day I will totally free from this sex burden and totally friend zone free. 
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Letter to Jimmy

I have been spending my life in Team Awesome the passed five weeks going out 3,4,5 sometimes 6 days a week, I can’t remember most of the sets or which days they happened on. Some amazing shit has been happening. I was at a gay bar and the stuff was amazing as I walked in a Spanish cutey. Opened me all up. On another night at the Karioka bar I pulled the hottest girl by far. A few weeks back I was getting angry, not frustrated but angry. I know what works, The trouble is removing those blocks. Racking up the exposure and challenging the limiting beliefs. WoW what a change and I’m not even warmed up.

My intentions have changed now. I aim for silly things like. Tonight I want to punch a girl in the stomach (playfully) or I want to smell hair tonight all fun stuff. Keeping my critera for success low. Weather tired, ill, upset, not feeling it. Solo or wing. Get out the house and open.
I don’t really have a point just keeping a log to look back on as I am forgetting some good stuff my not blogging. O Jim we have decided to go back to basic training, Fundamentals. Which has resulted in the flip side. Fuck game. Get the money, get the dream job and the girls will come. After you have game down. Ahhh! So may lops in my head.

Keep gaming Jimmy,

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For a long time I have had to inclination that night game state can be transferred into the office. In the form of beasting to true cave man style. Then I thought of guys who do this the in the work life, the Alan Sugars, Branson and Prince Charles. Owning their environment by default and expressing their Nimbus.
I have been beasting all week at the office as now my state is amazing. Things happen now, when I walk in I can feel the bright energy shift in the room. My internal state stays in happiness a total 180 from last week. I’m more me as I allow myself to be me.
My mind set is; ‘If I can be myself in this environment, it is the wrong environment for me.’
Then I take on the feedback and adjust. 
                                                                                        New Rules
1.Treat the office like a club. Meet security, office managers and services. Know the people to make the building work and keep the secrets. The physically gate keepers are allies.
2.Have fun, sing, dance, talk to people interact. Provide good value. Open …close.
3.Open with intent, Have a goal in mind.
4.Contact Close, Get the details and use them.
5.Take what you want without thought.

‘With it not being found in the Bible, the halo is both pagan and non-Christian in its origin. Many centuries before Christ, natives decorated their heads with a crown of feathers to represent their relationship with the sun god. The halo of feathers upon their heads symbolized the circle of light that distinguished the shining divinity or god in the sky. As a result, these people came to believe that adopting such a nimbus or halo transformed them into a kind of divine being.’
The Nimbus is a power of old used by those who know this.
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Team Awesome Leeds needs you

Team Awesome has 3 rules

One - Go out every week
Two -Always be opening ,Always be closing.
Three - Be awesome

The team has begun, Wings, Game, remaining men together.

I am launching a group of PUA’s in Leeds in going out every weekend and travelling around the UK beasting different cities with Awesomeness. Meet people and improve.

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......................Awesome F
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Brighton gets awesome. The chronicles of a chode in defeat.

Arrival: I am in Brighton for the xmas holidays, As I arrived we hit the strip. I have been concerned about this trip because my family really tool me hard. It use to get to me as I tried to ignore it. Now I see the R.A.S in them and I can’t help but smile at them knowing it’s all bullshit and is nothing to my state. They talk a good game about picking up girls ect..They even tried to make fun of my Blazer and Hat..(haaaaaaaa aaaa!) I tried to tell them no one cares what they wear in the club, Shit I don’t care as long I am being true to myself. Which means Big pimping baby.

The Bar: After some major Amoging and tooling session during the walk there. I notice I was still in state, All there talk had no effect on me at all as I had one goal to have fun regardless, To be the one having the most fun. If I found which I was easy. We rolled into the 1st bar and I was in super state from the word go. Walked in opened 1st set with a Merry xmas and hugs. The whole night was like this open boom, boom, boom, while the chode’s watched, drank and complained. It got to the point where they where saying I was desperate and going too fast also I was only talking to dudes. (the chode lives in delusion)

The Closes: this became ridiculous as we started bouncing clubs and I kept seeing people I met earlier, The chodes started trying to pick up girls I opened. I fell into my trap of going on looks and found a black girl with hips and tits. Which turned out to be really annoying, every time I escalated she would pull back and stop. Really I don’t accept that behaviour I gave them away and rolled on the hottest blode in the club very cute with a big bottom lip. I decided I was not into her that much I declined the invitation. while some other girls closed me, awesome.

Chode in Defeat: even after a whole night of awesomeness, with numerous pulls, dance-wiches, Kiss closes, number closes ect,ect….lording the club, They tried to tool me because I did not take the blonde home (haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa omg aaaaaaaa!) this was while they watched me pull her and dance up her storm whilst giving them the annoying girls. We later gave them a lift home too. I can feel the Awesomeness is unstoppable, Girls beware bring on the UK tour whoooo.

My tally of the night:
Got the girls
Free drinks
Found some money
Did a good deed
Met the gorgeous people of brighton.
Brought awesomeness to the party.
Had Fun in the face of some major chodes.
Winning all the Way. 

Awesome as way of life....F 
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