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What have I leaned ?

Life altering laws of deeper states of existence. The true essence of desire and unlocking the minds power. The sheer amount of knowledge I have gathered, used and negated is immense. Although On the surface I seem to think I have not changed much. In a resent conversation a friend said ‘when most people go deep that is ok, you go a level beyond that’ To where the nuts and bolts of the mind revolve. The creating of God and Man.

I always knew this was more than getting girls, What I have found is that it is about becoming yourself. Which is what girls want YOU…...Authenticity they are drawn to it as it is so rare. To be a controlled centre man. Master of the universe.

I had no idea the power of sex in its true form, that want and desire has enabled me to surface new forms of will and to achieve things I could have never thought of. With Will alone you can change the world, your world your self. That those who I admire also knew of this power and used it as there will.

The Lies ?

Pick up is a cover and can be a dangerous path if you focus on just having sex. The true test is facing your demons with honesty and vigour, to face fear head on taking the scars that come with such an endeavour. To Lead

Delve deeper into your soul and embrace the whole of you, that is the path to awesomeness. To be self aware, self driven and in harmony with your core. That requires the understanding of self and the wants needs and desires of happiness Which is what your in it for lets face it.

The challenge

So I say, Get the money, Get the car, get the Girl, get the Kids, Get the Job. The advice is the same the meaning is different. Be yourself. Remove the mask and let you true self be heard. You can use routines or freestyle whatever has no bearing. You can’t stop being you.

To sum up and conclude

This is a start, you have faced demons, ask tough questions, stood up to fears, cried tears and gained knowledge. Along the way you have gained friends, make love to beautiful people, shared passions and live life beyond most. Next you have to apply that which you have learn, Take action, set goals and go fourth using to power you have become aware of and unleash the awesome unto the world. Once you have been set on the path its too late to turn back as the path behind is no more. You have killed the chode and a essence remains. No nice (uke) Guy.

You have my permission and blessing. Goodbye……...
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Day 2 with Sarah

Strangely normal and quite unique, I reached my Pick up Zen. Not seeking or wanting just being. My best day 2 yet, Going with the flow I was me and it felt good. We walked the dog and chatted, laid on the grass and talked about start signs. She ran solid game on me and did a colour game which I will use in future. Just good a good day 2 regardless.
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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday I went out with a Chris I met at a speed dating event, it has been about 6 weeks and we finally get out. I did mean to be we end up talking game and he had never heard of it. I plan was to go to the hottest place in town and stay there. It was a strange start the choir I also met speed dating were in town at the karaoke bar.
While at the bar we open a few sets, bouncers ect. Chris pulls a married women and I open a two 18th a bit strange. We left and I head to Rev’s solo as I didn’t open as much as I liked.

I get in it weird or rather I’m off some what shaken. I start to shake up and go into the black fattie. I know this is bad idea as always, I open with hey, who are you it getting late so this should work fine. She says you shouldn’t just come up and touch people…….I’m taken back in true shock, I never get this ever. I said what with a strange lok on my face. (she is not that hot just boobs) I say I know I have 5 sisters blah, blah, I cut to who are you with she said with my husband and points to a friend of mine. I say I have to meet him and walk over.

I forget all about her and talk to my friend she comes over and says can I just speak to him lol. He blows her out having a wife at home. I guess I came in wrong still learning. A set from the Karaoke bar came in and I re open then and get into a deep conversation. Over home alone. Shame


I get a call from Kelly who has had a boyfriend for a few weeks. Is now single again. She convinces me to see her from a drink afterwork which I do. I get round to hers after a chat and we chill. Something is just not right and we hold each other and sleep. This actually felt good. No sex hu,mmmmm. shame


Sing with the choir amazing open a few still working things out. And I took the ex who I asked to join. We go home singing and get a lift and go the hers, we talk and get physical its really intense I’m really torn. I do Love her and I love the process. I hold her and break into tears. She kinda notices and Its special, I know I create my emotions I want them both. I want her, I want game. Shame

Day2 Sarah - lets see where this goes,
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The Game changer

Somethings in Game take time to click while other things just latch on and make sense. I just had a game changer event. My stomach is turning and heart is pounding and back of my head is aching. My mind is wondering crazily trying to make sense of it all. I just had a phone call with a senior manager and the call was different I was different, I was ‘ME’ and it felt good.

I was speaking a deep voice and with an air of calm, She wanted some documents and I slipped a tease. She started giggling, like a set........I know crazy this is a senior manager acting like a night club girl. It was the ease of the attraction spike, that I was not doing anything and more so i didn’t care. This was me in all my shit and glory. I am longer doing I am being.
I know game is indiscriminatal and applies to all. I understand that power I thought I was unplugged before. Now I know I can transcend my deep conditioning and insight the attraction formulas where ever.

They know
What is strange is that others could tell. I looked up in my office and the girls said have you changed something, is something different’. I could not begin to say I have had a deep level change in my operation matrix. I understand now I placed myself at the value I thought I was worth within this constructed system. Once I notice the box I can live and act outside it, free on its constraints.

I always told my wing; that this is localised game and it happens in a controlled environment ie; social conditioning with rules and system of interaction. We can transcend it and make changes, be expectations to the rules. Bend the rules to benefit us. He always said it could not be controlled. If so then who is controlling it?
I have always had a struggle with the higher management as I had a crippling need to please and supplicate. I would speak soft and stutter more. I would get mixed up and forget my points. This time I was just me, Clam, relaxed and centred.

The game has deepened............................Level 3
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I am getting deeper I can feel the old me fading with the ways I used to think and feel and interact. I spent last night researching hypnosis and various mind altering states.
What I think is my reality, is my reality and that’s it. That is finite. There is no escaping fact I feel how I think I should feel and act how I think I should act. This is rather raw and as yet an unformed idea however I have been giving my subconscious instructions and recently they have been working. I wanted to feel more emotions deeper and more intense. The results have seen myself shaking with excitement at talking to friends and really getting to know them.

I am who I want to be.

I am who I want to be in this moment, regardless of the ideal or theory of how I should feel. I am the way I want because I think that is the ‘right’ way to be to keep me happy. Whatever I deduce happiness to be in that moment. Happiness is an area that continues to expand my mind. Questions like what has to happen in order for me to feel happy. Negative state happiness for instance do I feel happy when I am upset? Therefore completing my happiness matrix hence In order to feel happy I must A B C.
I created this concept of my happiness with help for society, mass media and influence people in my life. So...I can unmake it and redefine it in my image at any moment. When attracting I can think opening + sexual energy + closing = PU happiness. 

Really what I want it to strengthen the core. I am gathering that core confidence and collapsing the un useful anchors and rebuilding them as power centre.
I heard somewhere: To be better you have to fail more than other people, to get faster results you have to fail faster. This is why in the last 6 months my skills have improved greatly compared to the last 6 years. I have simply failed more. Although I still get nerves and enjoy the blow out because it mean I learn and get better faster.
"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once."
-- Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President
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What is attraction?

What makes one woman more desirable than another, I come from the frame that nothing is random and we act for self. So let’s discus what it could be, what are the requirements in my attraction formula. What must they/women have? Is it a thing or a concept? Is it Value of survival and Replication if so how does this explain the Fun buddy?

What am I attracted to?

Cuteness – A happy go lucky girl, chubby face big boobs with a large smile and a warmth of life
Sexiness – An inner confidence of sexual allure with a command of her body.
Openness – A willing to go past the surface level and explore the mind and the deeper concept of life.
Grooming - Well groomed with a knowledge of the clothing and social fashion with self style.
Extrovert & Eccentric – The ability to be herself and express with confidence playing with social norms.
Physical fitness - A care to keep fit and be on a healthy state
Round face – I just prefer them not sure why
Adventurous – I passion for life on the outer limits
Position – At the same level as me ?

What is a woman to me?

A collection of yang energy, the other not opposite but the same. Fun
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I’m turning into a Hot Girl........Help,

I am beginning to get worried as I notice my current attitude is starting to resemble a hot girl, I’m not sure if this was or is rather my intention. This is the start of real abundance in my dating life. I first cam e to my attention a few weeks ago when I flaked on a girl again and I noticed a severe lack of emotional connection. This was because I knew I had another one round the corner, I had options.

AA: When a girl or guy comes up to me I’m turned off, I’m wondering what do they want, get away, I don’t want to talk to you. I have developed a shield. If they can’t get past it i don’t give them a second thought. You are of lower value because you don’t have the social skills (sound delusional).

I’m the prize: I now spend time thinking about my look for tonight, how sexy I feel, How I walk and how I interact with people. I care about my nails and teeth. Not because of other people because I like it for myself. I want to turn myself on. (what I feel they feel) I spend time thinking about the next hot girl, the shoes I want to buy, the bespoke designed shirt with my name embodied on the cuff with matching cufflinks and lining. I want spa days, ice cream and flowers delivered to be. I’m the prize.

I enter interactions with the mindset of a 10. I always think would a 10 do this, would a 10 care. Most of time it’s a resounding ‘hell No’ because I’m hot and Guys are abundant.

My thought: is this the end result of becoming an attractive male skilled at attracting women. To become that to which you are attracted, as Brain Tracey says you become what you think about most.

Cute kittens
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Harrogate Un close Della the Virgin,

In this game failure is met by success, I knew it was wrong at every-step yet I still let it happen. The nice chode in me raised it head for the last night. I failed to build a good rapport and comfort at the family bday party but failed to open the group. Dad mainly
At the end of the night I could sense the night coming. In it was bad but I let it happen to me. I thought is was a few little sets but really it was one big set. Like 30 people. I

I failed to engage the group and Lead like normal, I should have build comfort with the whole group then isolated. Text book fail. My day game was on fire so it balanced well. The night ended without my 1st virgin close but I’m getting closer. Next time My location, my rules.

How many times: failure comes from lack of leadership.

Lessons Learnt:

BE the man and lead regardless
Get better logistics
Follow my instinct - I gave up a sure thing to stay choding
Trust your judgement and leave on a high.
Do what must be done regardless of how you feel.
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I am writing this on my phone on the grain down to the city. Strange i'm nervous been like this all day. I can feel the romp mode coming back,

I get in almost leaving and guess who shows up. Tasha. I know whats coming, the break up. I let her in and tell her i'm leaving. I quickly grab my shit and leave.

The look a little peacock
Black narrow leg jeans, black tight tank top, black hat. Sliver grey shades with three silver wrist things a shinny watch a two pinky rings.. I fucking love it.

She see this and knows whats up. Its strange i was unable to get out of romp mode, i having too much fun and she could not help but enjoy it. She was mad at me and i i just acepted the emotions and moved on. The layers of bull shit are coming down.

Nothing can bring my state down.
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So he we are and what a journey we have had, well kids I have been neglecting My blogging rules and not writing any new stuff. I have a theory of input where after a while I just stop producing. What i do is the ‘Man Cave’ where I sit in for a few days and consume information of all kinds. Without much sleep. Lately the lines have been blurring I’m (if you follow me) more transparent with my personalities becoming one with my realities.
I am spinning wheels looking back at how good I was and that I’m not doing much now in a way of pick up. I’ve been busy...............I was keeping my experiences out to protect my chode life. Well Fuck That. He’s goes.
Self this is so you never forget where you came from.
At the start was looking into self help to increase my confidence due to stammer I had developed a dual personality. On the one side I was super outgoing and friendly having my own radio show ( I have no idea how I did it with a stammer, pure Will power). On the other side I was Mr nice walk over. My main Aim when I found the Game and RSD was that I wanted to kill Mr Nice, go to clubs and pull, 1 night stands and attractive to women. Basically I wanted the Power back and get and hot girlfriend. Like its Luck.
Currently I have been copping and blowing I have 3 hard core love interest on the go, My wing has stop talking to me and I have somehow stopped going out. Can’t wait to get back out there.
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