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At an attempt to write money I find myself just wanting to write and release. I have created a new home with a dedicated music room to launch my music from . However thing are always troublesome. Empty promises and broken agreements. My bank has once again shown its true colors and fucked me over again. Anyway it took a girl at work to shake me back up. I said I am working to hard on the money thing she replied it your perspective. Wow my own words back at me. So I have learnt I plan all the time and I want so many things all of which money can fix right now. I know no one is going to give me money or anything for that matter, The results from this discovery is that you have to take everything you want.
This is something I am not comfortable with, the idea that you have to give value to something in order to receive or take value. Remember the saying it is better to give than to receive. In writing this I have realized the reason for my unhappiness is the failure to Lead or the inability to LEAD in my current environment. Money will not solve this only Will, mental strength.
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My goals this year are failing faster and faster which is very good news. This means I a, learning faster and more meaningful lessons learned. I know training is the key and to be trained by the best. You have to be so careful what you put into your brain. I watched a film and now I am relating my life to that film. You need a common enemy to unite the world with a stream of Consciences. I am in a poetic mood and feel the need to create.
I feel trapped by mental blockage the cause and effect, the patience and prudence and Conscience incompetence. The further I seek the knowledge and the further I go, the eager I am to achieve my goals. I am in conflict with the fact that this may be cause my lack of achievement. And has become the fuel in my furnace, The pain makes me strong and the long term goal adds clearance to the tunnel. I am a smart dumb guy willing to try. In order to be free you have to think you are not free……….Go figure that one out.
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You are responsible for your outcome. No one has the answer; You have to Make the choice and Lead. You have to be the answer; you have to make the choice to make the change you want. Lead your life and bee responsible and accountable for the choices you make. This video about finance shouted this out to me. Lots of similarities to pick up. Keep going.
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Time to speak out, I don’t know what to say So I will keep a record of my thoughts in an attempt to contain them and ad some relevance to them. I am frustrated,, which I now know is the level before change as I am nervous and excited. I still can’t shake the feeling of wanting to be single and surf the World. I feel like crying every spare moment and killing myself. I am contained and stiffened My alignment is all messed up. My financial goals are in reverse and my fitness goals have stopped and the business goal has collapsed. I’m tired. Love has drifted in and I am not swimming I have simply not. When will this kick in, when will this change. After all the hard work when will the happiness begin? Values and goals. I know I have the amount of money I wish to earn. I want more; I need more, my goal in financial security.

Making the Same mistakes and going for the same solutions and this not making any headway. Must I try harder or work smarter, or maybe a complete change is what is necessary Do the opposite of what I have been doing. Live life the way I want to Live it. No more pain without reason. This day I choose, I choose life. Once again the Chode weaped in and took over, Now I am back for Good. The Leader the Man Just needed some RSD therapy. Action plan for greatness.

The Habits of greatness, The MAN.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
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Wow today i am happy, winning, i made the choice to be the bad boy i can feel the pull. And fuck mr nice guy i tried that, guess what did not work all i got was shit on.......alot of shit on. Thanks RSD for showing the way.
Today is a winning,a battle has been won a major step forward. I slayed the beast and got my prize

I know the war continues for this i am glad cause i love the fight, i love the trenches, i love cold approach. More than sex.......more than chicken

Yes more than that. Time for the LR.
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 Only when I didn’t care did I win. Only when I did not want to win. I won. Freedom from outcome is a winner. Ripped tights and won. Jealousy plot line all from Leading and won. When you are on your on. 

Becoming a man. Becoming That guy………...Becoming me.
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I got the feedback; I don’t think you are scared of anything. I went to a business conference, opened the entire set 65 people +, Sang, told jokes, engaged with loads of people and got some good game too. Quite humbling really to see how far I have come. I was bound by fear at one point then I just opened. I have learned to step up regardless. I am fearless so it would seem. As Michelangelo said ‘If people knew the levels I have gone to gain my mastery….you would think it was so special’. P.Diddy – Says to get motivated…….Let’s Go, Hook into your dream,
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Becoming that guy, I guess I am at the half way point, I can see the light at the end only just and I can now see the start more clearer. I have my girlfriend back with a few fuck buddies. Really in the realms of my uncharted territory. I still fear letting go but the once vice like grip on my reality has begun to loosen. I no longer care about lesser things. I mean really, my view is change your thought change your feeling. The changes have slowed and I release the acceleration and focus on financial goals the club itch has gone. …..But not forgotten. Man I want a bootcamp, I really want a few in a row Rampage.
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Take the price or gamble. As they say look what you could have won (if you had only done better). I watched a TV program call Tool Academy where men get brain washed in to social conditioned robots and schooled how to treat their girlfriends.
The choice is success now or sacrifice for future success later. Most wise men say suffer now for success later. (The promise of the Christianity) when will later come. If I continue this I will always suffer.
Couple up or stay single and continue the game, can I even quit..........Am I an avid player or a shaking junkie addicted to attraction and chase. Either way I have not gone far enough down either path. SO I shall continue on both until the edge is reached.
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"There's been nothing but discipline, discipline, discipline all my life."
-- Celine Dion, singer

I have been in a man cave again, in my location of solitude, various things but mainly it money, Lack of attention, lack of management and a lack of education. I always thought it was My fault and I felt really bad about it. About not knowing anything about personal finance expect what is common knowledge.

This Weekend I forgave myself, How could I know something I have never been taught, with out knowing I need the knowledge or rather how important the mastering of this skill it. My top Priority Goal is now My A1,

The power to gain and keep money is the most important skill one can grasp; Wealth management is a core skill that I have no concrete understanding. This stems from self Mastery and taming the wild beast.
My beast is money and it shall be tamed
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