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Why take advice about money from a poor person
I just realized I have been taken advice from people either in the same place as me or lower, What I meant by this is when I seek support for my ideas, I get the usual: That’s a dumb idea, or you can’t that ect. Like coaching. When I mention to people that I will get a coach or that I would like to be a coach. They call it down and me down. Until this moment that made be feel bad. As there intention. Also with money, My goal is to be financially free. This also brings people to question. I mean why I should defend my pursuit of Money. Why take advice about money from a poor person. What take dating advice from someone who is not getting success?


As 50 cent said; You are as successful as the person you talk to for no reason.

I will get money, I will get wiser, I will coach, I will be me on my terms.

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