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What is attraction?

What makes one woman more desirable than another, I come from the frame that nothing is random and we act for self. So let’s discus what it could be, what are the requirements in my attraction formula. What must they/women have? Is it a thing or a concept? Is it Value of survival and Replication if so how does this explain the Fun buddy?

What am I attracted to?

Cuteness – A happy go lucky girl, chubby face big boobs with a large smile and a warmth of life
Sexiness – An inner confidence of sexual allure with a command of her body.
Openness – A willing to go past the surface level and explore the mind and the deeper concept of life.
Grooming - Well groomed with a knowledge of the clothing and social fashion with self style.
Extrovert & Eccentric – The ability to be herself and express with confidence playing with social norms.
Physical fitness - A care to keep fit and be on a healthy state
Round face – I just prefer them not sure why
Adventurous – I passion for life on the outer limits
Position – At the same level as me ?

What is a woman to me?

A collection of yang energy, the other not opposite but the same. Fun
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