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Friday I went out with a Chris I met at a speed dating event, it has been about 6 weeks and we finally get out. I did mean to be we end up talking game and he had never heard of it. I plan was to go to the hottest place in town and stay there. It was a strange start the choir I also met speed dating were in town at the karaoke bar.
While at the bar we open a few sets, bouncers ect. Chris pulls a married women and I open a two 18th a bit strange. We left and I head to Rev’s solo as I didn’t open as much as I liked.

I get in it weird or rather I’m off some what shaken. I start to shake up and go into the black fattie. I know this is bad idea as always, I open with hey, who are you it getting late so this should work fine. She says you shouldn’t just come up and touch people…….I’m taken back in true shock, I never get this ever. I said what with a strange lok on my face. (she is not that hot just boobs) I say I know I have 5 sisters blah, blah, I cut to who are you with she said with my husband and points to a friend of mine. I say I have to meet him and walk over.

I forget all about her and talk to my friend she comes over and says can I just speak to him lol. He blows her out having a wife at home. I guess I came in wrong still learning. A set from the Karaoke bar came in and I re open then and get into a deep conversation. Over home alone. Shame


I get a call from Kelly who has had a boyfriend for a few weeks. Is now single again. She convinces me to see her from a drink afterwork which I do. I get round to hers after a chat and we chill. Something is just not right and we hold each other and sleep. This actually felt good. No sex hu,mmmmm. shame


Sing with the choir amazing open a few still working things out. And I took the ex who I asked to join. We go home singing and get a lift and go the hers, we talk and get physical its really intense I’m really torn. I do Love her and I love the process. I hold her and break into tears. She kinda notices and Its special, I know I create my emotions I want them both. I want her, I want game. Shame

Day2 Sarah - lets see where this goes,
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