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Time to speak out, I don’t know what to say So I will keep a record of my thoughts in an attempt to contain them and ad some relevance to them. I am frustrated,, which I now know is the level before change as I am nervous and excited. I still can’t shake the feeling of wanting to be single and surf the World. I feel like crying every spare moment and killing myself. I am contained and stiffened My alignment is all messed up. My financial goals are in reverse and my fitness goals have stopped and the business goal has collapsed. I’m tired. Love has drifted in and I am not swimming I have simply not. When will this kick in, when will this change. After all the hard work when will the happiness begin? Values and goals. I know I have the amount of money I wish to earn. I want more; I need more, my goal in financial security.

Making the Same mistakes and going for the same solutions and this not making any headway. Must I try harder or work smarter, or maybe a complete change is what is necessary Do the opposite of what I have been doing. Live life the way I want to Live it. No more pain without reason. This day I choose, I choose life. Once again the Chode weaped in and took over, Now I am back for Good. The Leader the Man Just needed some RSD therapy. Action plan for greatness.

The Habits of greatness, The MAN.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
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