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Awesome F
The story begins with a phone call many months ago, back in my neediness days I made a promise to go speed dating with a female friend I was gaming to the friend zone. I have been in hole lately without any new numbers and I require some fresh and a new environment. We talk for a bit and she tells me she has signed up for the event and as I promised to attend would i join her but she is off the list. lol

Now there is only 2 places left and it is the end of a hard month with driving and all. I signed up and stopped at the payment stage hoping to pay on the day. Out of the blue I get a call from the agency. One of their VIP members has dropped out and would I like the FREE VIP ticket. A whole lotta’ Freeness. I replied ‘sure I can fill the slot no problem.’

This will be a whole new environment just what I have been needing I’m filled with both nerves and excitement and the realisation that I think I have achieved more than I have. There is still work to be done however the fun is to be had.

At boots say – Here come the girls.............

FR to follow
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