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 Solo manifestation - taming the beast

It felt like the 1st time, but with the difference. This time the action was separate from emotion. The beast was being tamed as I felt the nerves which is strange because I have not had them in ages. But I was really fearful. I was scared but determined to go out solo on a Saturday night and interact.

I walked down to the 1st club and decided to just do it, walked in with power, down stairs with a purpose, and straight to the bar (lol) Eyed up a few girls but there where too many ethnics and it was too dark. (my favourite excuses) This venue is great for logistics full of mature hotties dark rooms to isolate and drunk girls having a good time to god music. I had a crisis and left to the Karaoke bar

The pressure eased as I went into what has become my local karaoke bar, Immediately open the bouncers, then the cue and the girls out side. BOOM in. I get dragged in the club by a mixed race bombshell. Who later told me she was getting married so I switched to her friend and I told her:

ME:I gonna hit on your friend its cool.
She: She’s a good girl don’t hurt her

Then before I knew it she was dragging me to her friend. Like its a done deal. I open a few more sets with Brad Jackson’s 100% opener Which could work wonders given a full night.

Last Major set the granny cold read.

This went on for some time and I knew I had to eject and open more but I wanted to see how far this would go. She told me all kind of stuff and told me my future and my past (incorrectly) and started to piss off her daughters who wanted to have drunk fun.

I circled and opened then left, I not fond of solo but I love the challenge of making it happen. The beast shall be tamed and the shall rise. She made a brief appearance tonight. Rise my child.
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