Love Machine

Awesome F
Having a LTR has somewhat halted my game and I crave it back. I want the fear and the excitement. I want to build those looks, Validation I love it. Don’t need it but I laugh at how much I like it. Real self amusement t work. know what I need to do it for the Cold approach in regards to women. next on the list is Money. A caveman needs a cave. A Monkey needs a Tree ect..ect.. The unbalanced need balancing and that can only come from within. I hate it when people say I’m on some Self help kick that it’s something bad. Like it’s something to be ashamed of with the complex that it is bad to learn how to be better yourself. Ah phewy. Maybe I had a bad group of people surrounding me or maybe I was damaged and needed to learn. To excel my game I must excel my bank account and excel my fitness. So I can do things I want. Keep the goal and keep at it.

almost a year and still working on the foundations. Come on.

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