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Awesome F
So he we are and what a journey we have had, well kids I have been neglecting My blogging rules and not writing any new stuff. I have a theory of input where after a while I just stop producing. What i do is the ‘Man Cave’ where I sit in for a few days and consume information of all kinds. Without much sleep. Lately the lines have been blurring I’m (if you follow me) more transparent with my personalities becoming one with my realities.
I am spinning wheels looking back at how good I was and that I’m not doing much now in a way of pick up. I’ve been busy...............I was keeping my experiences out to protect my chode life. Well Fuck That. He’s goes.
Self this is so you never forget where you came from.
At the start was looking into self help to increase my confidence due to stammer I had developed a dual personality. On the one side I was super outgoing and friendly having my own radio show ( I have no idea how I did it with a stammer, pure Will power). On the other side I was Mr nice walk over. My main Aim when I found the Game and RSD was that I wanted to kill Mr Nice, go to clubs and pull, 1 night stands and attractive to women. Basically I wanted the Power back and get and hot girlfriend. Like its Luck.
Currently I have been copping and blowing I have 3 hard core love interest on the go, My wing has stop talking to me and I have somehow stopped going out. Can’t wait to get back out there.
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