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Subject: 1st night on the town - Field report

Ext: Night: Leeds Revolution Bar (All night)
Chek, Chode and Awesome (Me)

We had amazing night, I have never opened so may sets, So much happened, A couple of number closes and some Kiss closes.

The best bit was, Chek who was awesome all night. Had to go about 12:30 am leaving me solo and wingless. I started walking home and a HB 7 who was giving out flyers IOI'ed me so we talked for what seemed like ages which helped me get me back in state. Then Rodrigo from Big Brother clocked us and came over to chat. We talked for a bit then I left Nat to it. She works at Mission so its fine i know where to find her.

I kept walking home past Spoons and a 4 set grabbed me to watch one of them walk sexy. I told them the deal and I ended up walking back and taking 3 HB 9's and 1 HB 8 in the Bar all super hot. As soon as I got in I left them and pulled some other sets. I rolled on to a 2 set of girls looking bored. Opened with the prop and did my thing, faults timed them which then back fired because I could not fine the 4 girls i came in with. I left the 2 set for 10 mins while I hunted for more targets from the balcony. I decided to leave which is when I bumped into them again. I isolated the HB 7, bounced her to a dark corner and number closed her and then kissed closed her, told her its too fast and kissed her again. Then I left. She said it was an 11.

Awesome. Good 1st night out. I love this stuff.

F the Awesome........Its good when it’s great.
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